Would You Like To Have A Suite On HANA Trial ? Please Provide Your Input

Posted by Vijay Vijayasankar on January 13, 2014

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Late last year, we announced the BW 7.3 on HANA trial with BI 4.0 . Several of you made use of it and it got used nearly for 130000 hours already in just over a hundred days since it was made available. The new and improved version with BW 7.4 and BI 4.1 is planned for early February 2014.

The success of BW on HANA has prompted us to think about offering a similar trial for Suite on HANA . And just like with BW on HANA trial – we want to get feedback from the community first before we build something for you. To that end, can I request 5 minutes of your time to take a short survey so that we know what is important for you ? Although I cannot really promise that we can make available all your wishes – I can say for sure that the possibility of something good coming into the trial without you expressing a need for it is minuscule.

SAP Suite on HANA Trial (Public Survey)

There are a few things I would like to clarify upfront on our plans – but please understand these might change depending on your feedback and other constraints we might face through the process

1. The idea is to get you a system with enough functionality so that you can check out what is new with Suite on HANA

2. Like with the BW trial – we will try to provide some sample scenarios, documentation etc and not just give you a raw system

3. In the BW trial, we decided to add BI 4.0 as an additional system with some sample content, since we felt that is closer to a real life deployment than BW alone. Similarly we would like to know what you would typically like to see with a Suite on HANA system. Would you like HANA Live ? Maybe Fiori ? If you don’t see it in the survey options – pls mention it in the free text at the end or leave a comment here.

4. We do expect to add more functionality into the trial going forward – so that you can start sooner with a lean version and then get access to more features in later releases of the trial.

5. Not all parts of Suite will make it to the trial – we need to hear from you on your ranking of priorities.

6. In the interest of getting something of high value to you in shortest time – we do not intend to make this trial a perpetual developer edition. These trials will run out in 30 days like the BW trial. However, you are welcome to express your thoughts in the comments section on more long term needs.

Looking forward to your responses – and thanks in advance for your valuable input.

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