Connect your MDX speaking BI Client to SAP HANA now!

Posted by Christoph Morgen on February 13, 2014

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SAP HANA’s ultrafast In-Memory aggregation capabilities are just waiting to be unleashed by your multidimensional BI Client!

/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/mdxblog_1view.jpgThe key approach to successfully exploit the power of the SAP HANA Platform is to make use of SAP HANA Views, which implicitly make use of special operators designed for fastest calculations on your In-Memory data. If you are new to SAP HANA Modeling have a look at this page Modeling Features – SAP HANA to get first overview on SAP HANA Modeling and its flavors.

SAP HANA Analytic- and Calculation Views flagged for multidimensional reporting function as a virtual-modeled cubes and expose your data to be consumed by BI-clients while at the same time assure to kick-in SAP HANA’s fast and unseen mass-aggregation capabilities.

Beside the well-known BI Client consumption via SQL interfaces, these SAP HANA Views are also automatically surfaced through the SAP HANA MDX interface and can thus be consumed as seamlessly by MDX-speaking BI clients. Check out this SAP HANA Academy Video: Using the MDX Provider to review Analytic Views with Hierarchies showcasing the scenario.

/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/mdxblog_2expression.jpgThe Multidimensional Expressions Language (MDX) inherently makes use of Hierarchies for Navigation, Filtering and Aggregation and hence is naturally suited for querying SAP HANA modeled virtual CUBE-structures. MDX adds a rich collection of multidimensional functions and simple expressions for frequently used business calculation as e.g. implicit Year-to-date aggregations or Topcount-selections, which would be more difficult to express in SQL.

SAP HANA supports the MDX query language since the beginning, its OLAP and MDX capability is built right in and included in the core system. Also, HANA supports the latest MDX query language specification – what we call MDX 2005. For SAP HANA MDX extensions refer to the SAP HANA Developer Guide. How easy it is to connect from Microsoft Excel to SAP HANA using OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) and the MDX query language is documented in the following whitepaper here.

We are pleased to announce a new HANA-BI-MDX certification for 3rd party BI client tools connecting to SAP HANA via ODBO and the SAP HANA MDX Provider. The SAP Partner application arcplan Enterprise has just successfully achieved the “Certified Integration with SAP HANA”-status based on the HANA-BI-MDX scenario.

Vendors can now apply for the HANA-BI-MDX certification for their client tools. Currently, we have an introductory offer of 50% discount on the certification fee exclusively for ISVs / partners signing up for the HANA-BI-MDX 1.0 as well as the HANA-BI-SQL 1.0 certification on or before April 30th, 2014. To avail this offer and to know more about this certification you can reach the SAP Integration and Certification Center via e-mail

As a customer, you will find an overview of the certified tools (including version information) in the SAP Partner Information Center, choose SAP-Defined Integration Scenarios: HANA-BI-MDX.

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