SAP HANA on AWS Certified

Posted by Jan Teichmann on February 19, 2014

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At TechED 2013 in Las Vegas it was announced by Vishal Sikka: SAP HANA’s availability on a bigger instance type of Amazon Web Services infrastructure: cr1.8xlarge with 16 vCPUs and 244 GB of main memory. Since then, customers have started implementing HANA on it.

One of the more technical activities with combined forces of Amazon Web Services and SAP was to officially certify certain instance types for use by SAP HANA. There is a process to go through which looks at the following topics:

  1. HW & Performance: The platform has to show good performance on certified hardware which has to be documented in benchmarks, published at
  2. Quality Assurance: Production and deployment process has to go through quality gates which are the same or comparable to the appliance
  3. Supportability: Support tools and documentation have to be available to operate HANA on these platforms
  4. Legal: License and go-to-market aspects have to be clarified


Now, the result of this work is that HANA is available and supported on several AWS platforms, both, on classic storage as well as on “General Purpose SSD (GP2) EBS” storage – partly with limitations in regards to supported workloads and scale-out setup:

AWS instance type Workload* single node / scale-out Benchmark
cr1.8xlarge • OLAP • single node • BW-EML
• liveCache
• SD
r3.8xlarge • OLAP
• single node • BW-EML
• scale-out up to 17 nodes**
• liveCache
• single node • SD


  • OLAP: BW on HANA or any other data warehouse application predominantly with OLAP workloads including data marts running a lot of complex queries
  • OLTP: any transactional application like Business Suite on HANA predominantly running simple queries or CRUD operations
  • SAP BPC planning solution: scale-out is supported, special attention has to be paid to table distribution (see SAP notes 2003863 and 2088315) and sizing (see –> Sizing Guidelines –> Analytics –> EPM: SAP Business Planning and Consolidation)
  • SAP HANA-integrated liveCache is supported on AWS


** Cluster sizes > 5 nodes are in “Controlled Availability”:

  • The larger the cluster, the higher the probability that the data will outgrow the system configuration: Therefore, for cluster sizes > 5 nodes, the BW sizing report results for 244 GB instances and configured for “future growth” shall be verified by SAP. Use the latest version of the report by applying SAP note 2143089 to get the appropriate results. Please contact before moving BW systems to large AWS scale-out clusters..

This release statement is based on BW-EML Benchmark Results . Also see SAP note 1964437

There are 2 ways to deploy HANA onto AWS instance types:

  1. AWS deployment of SAP HANA is a matter of minutes following this guide: Getting Started with SAP and AWS
  2. Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) deployment is as easy and offers installation of several software packages on top of HANA. After subscribing to CAL, just follow this link: SAP Cloud Appliance Library -> Available Solutions


There might be different SAP HANA revisions available on the 2 sites at different points in time.

Further documentation of installation and administration processes, as well as security, backup and further aspects is available here: SAP HANA on AWS Implementation and Operations Guide

As SAP HANA Infrastructure Subscription takes a BYOL approach, after installation of SAP HANA (with a test license), the customer has to install his license key just as on bare metal / appliance installations. The same holds true for subscription license keys.

As 244 GB of main memory are close to but not equal to one of the standard sizes (256 GB), pay attention during sizing assessment of SAP HANA as described in SAP notes 1637145 and 1736976.

So, go to SAP HANA Marketplace or to the Cloud Appliance Library and deploy your SAP HANA into your AWS account.

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