Big Data Does Not Require Big Complex Solutions

John Schitka

Posted by John Schitka on March 4, 2014

Senior Director Big Data Analytics Solution Marketing

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Register Here for the “Achieve Instant Insight and Infinite Scale with SAP HANA and Hortonworks Data Platform” webinar March 12, 2014 10am PST / 1pm EST

Big Data is changing our world – enabling previously impossible insights and transforming the way we do business, work with others, and live our lives. To be competitive you need to lever Big Data and the business value it brings. Yet many feel daunted by this, wrongly anticipating the need for large complex solutions and rare skill sets. SAP and Hortonworks recognize this fear and your needs, and has embarked on the journey of simplifying the enterprise IT landscape. To succeed with Big Data you must lever the instant results and infinite storage you can get with the SAP and Hadoop. To facilitate this SAP entered into resell agreements with leading Apache Hadoop distributors like Hortonworks, a fully open source distribution. This joint solution amplifies the value of Big Data across your data fabric including working with data sets stored in a variety of places including Hadoop and can help your organization gain unprecedented business value from Big Data.

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Hortonworks and SAP are providing you with the opportunity to attend a very informative webinar on how you can ‘Achieve Instant Insight and Infinite Scale with SAP HANA and Hortonworks Data Platform‘. Please join us to learn how you can gain insight access with SAP HANA combined with infinite storage and data exploration with Hortonworks Data Platform. During this webinar, you’ll be able to see a demo highlighting the power of SAP HANA real time insights combined with the depth of insight that Hadoop can provide and see how these two powerful and complementary technologies provide enterprises with future-proof modern data architecture.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Hadoop and SAP HANA are complementary technologies in the modern data architecture.
  • How a data reservoir with Hadoop will deliver organizations the ability to gain deep insight.
  • How SAP HANA, SAP Business Objects BI, SAP Infinite Insight, SAP IQ plus the Hortonworks Data Platform can provide you a
    complete Big Data solution.

We look forward to having you join us and being a part of this exciting discussion. If you cannot join us live at that time, please register anyway and watch the
replay of this very informative session.

Register Here for the March 12, 2014 webinar “Achieve Instant Insight and Infinite Scale with SAP HANA and Hortonworks Data Platform”

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