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Posted by Prasad Illapani on March 10, 2014

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After taking a short break in the SAP blogging world, i found some free time today to write a blog and share the details with SAP HANA community on one of my favorite project: SHINE, an educational content for SAP HANA Platform that i am leading with a team of global experts at SAP for the past few months whose passion and innovation made this project a huge success among customers, partners and SAP HANA developer community members. This project is a result of the great collaboration between SAP HANA Product Managers, Developers and various SAP product teams. The blog is dedicated to this team of ‘Shining‘ developers at SAP and i want to thank the main drivers: Thomas Jung, Simon Kranig, Ranju Gupta and Arun Rajamani of this project for leading their efforts to develop, deliver and support the SHINE content going forward.

In this blog i will cover the following topics on SHINE briefly.

1. What is SHINE – A brief Overview and History:

SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE) is an Education Content to deploy, learn and develop applications from SAP HANA studio which runs on top of SAP HANA Application Services (XS Engine) with in SAP HANA Plaform. SHINE enables new SAP HANA developers to quickly learn and develop applications running on top of SAP HANA Platform. SHINE content is designed and built upon EPM (Enterprise Procurement Model) framework developed by SAP and it includes all the data models, tables, views, dashboards etc. with a real enterprise use case.


SHINE gave birth in 2013 year from a workshop training course material (SAP HANA Native Development Workshop) for SAP HANA developers which was developed by my colleague: Thomas Jung who is an expert on this topic and very well known in SAP developer world at SAP Community Network SCN). The feedback we have received from the audience who attended this training class gave us an opportunity to develop SAP HANA training material with a different perspective to be simple and easily understandable for all the users where they can learn the capabilities of SAP HANA development tools very quickly.

2. SHINE – Goal & Objectives:

  • Enable a baseline model which can be used in SAP HANA educational materials where customers, partners and developers can use the content for self study to learn the basic skills to develop and run their applications on top of SAP HANA Platform
  • Offer a source of best practice implementation examples, improving the quality of education content with real world business use case scenarios.
  • Add new scenarios, features & capabilities to enhance the content


3. SHINE – Content Details:

  • Based upon Enterprise Procurement Model Framework (EPM)
  • Data Generator to generate and load data into the schema tables automatically
  • Content deployment via SAP HANA studio
  • Schema Tables which describes what the business content is covered
  • Models – Attribute, Analytic, Calculation Views. Two Primary Entities: Sales Orders, Purchase Orders; Supporting Entities: Employees, Partners, Addresses, Texts, Products; Infrastructure Entities ; Currency Rates, Unit of Measures
  • Two User Interfaces: The Admin tool and the Purchase Order Worklist via browser.
  • OData Services: To support the Purchase Order Worklist
  • XSJS Services: One for read access (poWorklistQuery.xsjs) and one for write access (poWorklistUpdate.xsjs).
  • Two Roles: One for Application Access and one which also has admin access:,
  • Statistics: Data Model Size: 17 models across 22 database tables.Initial data load with 14,000 records / 7 Mb of data.Customers can use the data generator to scale this initial seed data to any size they wish.

4. How to Download, Deploy & Configure SHINE Content:

SHINE content is available for free to all public users and can be downloaded at the below 2 locations:

a. SAP Service Marketplace for SAP customers/partners available at: (Requires S-user and password to log in)

b. SAP Store for all other users. The downloadable link is: (Requires registration to log on to SAP Store). Search for the Package Name: SAP HANA DEMO MODEL 1.0 Download the trial version by fill in the details of the form and accept to the Terms & Conditions.

To deploy and configure SHINE content, follow the steps described in the configuration guide available at:

Additonal step by step video is also available at:

5. What’s Next for SHINE:

SHINE content which has started as a training workshop class initially, has evolved into a mini product by itself with in SAP HANA Platform, managed and developed by a dedicated team working on the new features and delivering the content as part of the next SAP HANA release. As of SAP HANA-SP07 release, the business use case scenario of the SHINE content has been enhanced with key process flows and a lot of new capabilities have been included such as:

  • Key Process flows: Analysis of Sales by region, customer. Analysis of sales of Product by region. Hot Selling Products etc.
  • BRM Rules Editor: Introduced the concept of decision tables for promotions and discounts.
  • Introduced SAP HANA Integration UI Services
  • Other features like: CRUD operations: Consume an OData Service with the CREATE Option; Time Dimension Tables Usage; SQL Script Procedure that Uses CE (calc engine ) functions, Imperative Logic; Table User-Defined Function; Scalar User-Defined Function etc.

Future of SHINE content is looking bright with more capabilities added as part of the next release of SAP HANA Platform. Some of the planned new features and capabilities are:

  • Change Data Service associations, batch inserts & fuzzysearch
  • Rules on HANA
  • SPATIAL Scenario, PAL (Predictive Analytics Library) Scenario, Sentiment Analysis Scenario
  • Full text search (InAToolkit)
  • FIORI Launchpad on HANa (UIS) & Mobile consumption
  • Amd more……….

SAP HANA customers, partners, users, developers who are currently using SHINE content for their knowledge enablement, please provide your feedback/inputs to the extended SHINE team by replying to this blog, so that we can incorporate your feedback accordingly in the next SHINE content release.


Prasad illapani

Product Management & Strategy (SAP HANA & Big Data)

SAP Labs, Bellevue, WA

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