Aiding Enterprise Transformation with Machine Data

Posted by Sophie Chou on March 12, 2014

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Author: Arun Prasad, CEO & President, OneEnterprise Software Products & Services – SAP Startup Focus program member

/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/oneenterprise_photo.jpgMachine Data is Invaluable. This premise is the corner stone of our solution Telematics which is a real time, Big Data Analytics application, modelled on the principles of Activity Based Costing.

We created Telematics to address the challenge of extracting data from automated machines in real time and integrating it with the existing ERP, CRM and Cost Management systems in addition to managing other unstructured data. The fusion of this data provides both tactical and strategic information which is extremely useful to the CXO management in solving business challenges.

Our Telematics journey began while I was casually surfing and I stumbled upon the SAP Startup Focus program. After the initial discussions and the boot camp experience with SAP, my thoughts were crystallized and my confidence grew stronger so much so that I felt that HANA engine could do what I was looking for.

While thinking and reflecting at some of the business challenges faced by our clients, especially from the manufacturing and retail space, I realized there was a need for a product like Telematics in capsuling the operational data into decision-making information. Today, I am happy to say Telematics is a reality. By leveraging on the SAP HANA engine, Telematics provides amazing insights and provides the client leadership with enough stimuli for instant actions. Further, the costing system of the organization also gets robust in its performance. Newer metrics can be easily derived and Telematics has been proven in the field where it has raised the bar for organizational efficiency. Telematics allows information to be sent securely on hand-held devices thus enabling decision makers to consume the real time information for quicker and faster decisions.

The most exciting news during this Telematics development process was that we got an opportunity to launch and showcase our solution during the SAP TechEd – Bangalore, December 9th – 11th 2013, followed by a live interview along with another start-up CEO with a Lead Architect on the SAP Startup Focus Program. Wow! I couldn’t have asked for more. At TechEd, I got to interact with customers, potential partners and a lot of people from the SAP world. I have noted their feedback and expectations and I will be soon blogging about some of these issues in the near future.

The following weeks have been exhilarating with the SAP HANA Sales and Market Enablement team keeping up the upbeat mood. We were honoured to feature as a panellist in a round table discussion on the topic High-Tech on Startup Focus with Game-Changers on SAP Radio. The show was broadcast live on Thursday, March 6th2014 from 1 pm – 2 pm PST. Overall, the experience of building Telematics has been great not only for me but for my entire team.

While we are thrilled, excited and rearing-to-go to the upcoming SAP SAPPHIRE, Orlando to showcase our solution, my team & I will take a pit stop to say a big & warm hello and thanks to the Startup Focus team from SAP. Their support has been invaluable in this journey.

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