What Do Game Changer, Killer App, and Data Viz Have in Common?

Posted by SAP HANA on March 18, 2014

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By: Marie Alami

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-game-changer-image23270429They’re all buzzwords used in the industry.

We’ve all heard them, used them, and even included them in slide decks like official words in a dictionary. If you follow us, you’ve definitely read or heard buzzwords from SAP. Many of them even have a life of their own – especially in the digital world!

Well, we want to have a little fun with SAP Buzzwords at #BI2014 and #HANA2014. What are your favorites? Have you been to a keynote, listened in on a webcast, read any blogs? What stood out to you? Let us know!

Simply comment on this post with some of your faves or tweet them to @SAPAnalytics or @SAPInMemory.

If you’re going to SAPinsider #BI2014 or #HANA2014, take some time out before you head to lunch and visit us at the SAP Social Media Lounge located right outside the exhibit hall for a quick and easy game of SAP Buzzword Bingo! Our own Timo Elliott will be the game show host, and he’ll probably have a few of his own to contribute. Who knows, you may come out with even more buzzwords to add to your collection.

Everyone will leave with a little March Madness, so join us!

This blog was originally posted on SAP Analytics blog & reposted with permission.

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