SAP d-code Kicks Off in Shanghai

Jordan Cao

Posted by Jordan Cao on March 19, 2014

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The inaugural SAP d-code event successfully came to a close last week at the World Expo Center in Shanghai, China. SAP d-code is the newly redesigned event that has taken the place of SAP’s previous technology education conference, SAP TechEd. SAP d-code brings together the broader SAP ecosystem and increases opportunities for SAP customers and partners to interact and communicate with internal SAP developers and product experts.

As SAP’s premier technology conference, it aims to address education, collaboration, and networking for the entire SAP ecosystem of developers and technology professionals. Not only are the traditional SAP TechEd attendees present, such as IT Managers and Architects, developers, systems and database administrators, and security and business intelligence professionals, but also the event includes external developers who are new to SAP’s platform.

This is a “party” for all developers to work with experts to “crack the code” on how best to apply SAP technology to solve problems and deliver business results with the best of SAP lectures and hands-on training, as well as CodeJams and InnoJams. This new event also shows new applications and explains how SAP technology is helping innovation.

1. New Design, New Branding, and New Feeling

SAP d-code Shanghai revealed a new event design which revitalized the look and feel of the entire conference. The main entry door and the show floor entry were both decorated as a pair of parenthesis, with source codes seen everywhere on the show floor.


2. New Innovation Everywhere

SAP technology supports all developers who wish to build any type of innovation. On the show floor, you can find endless innovations built on SAP HANA, with experts ready to demo and teach you about it all. Other things seen on the show floor include: how SAP technology is used or can be used in the future smart traffic, how to optimize wind turbine design, how to support the smart home, how to integrate with google glass to build a new supply chain process, how to change the end users’ purchase process, and how to leverage 3D printing to change the manufacture process. Each innovation is a look into the future, and how SAP technology is helping to change the world. View more photos of these innovations on Facebook.

3. Cool Keynote Presentation

The keynote address was led by Vishal Sikka, Executive Board of SAP AG and the Global Managing Board, leading all SAP products and innovation. Vishal’s presentation was organized around two main drawings (see below: left picture is the existing enterprise IT architecture and the right is how SAP HANA is changing the traditional IT architecture).


In his presentation, Vishal highlighted five key perspectives of SAP HANA:

  1. HANA platform (& HANA Cloud platform): The HANA platform provides a variety of services: core services, application services, or the processing services. Also, SAP HANA platform can run on Cloud to provide you the flexibility you need.
  2. HANA Enterprise Cloud: The HANA Enterprise Cloud Provides fully managed cloud services that can help you deploy, maintain, integrate, and extend SAP in-memory applications in a private cloud environment for a faster, easier transition to real-time business.
  3. Core Renewal: SAP ERP and BW running on HANA will upgrade multiple core functions by pushing down the computation logic and optimizing the calculation.
  4. New LOB Processes: with the breakthrough HANA technology and the renewed ERP and BW on SAP HANA, customers can build new LOB processes to run business better, faster, and simpler.
  5. New Frontier: SAP HANA is more than a database. It is a platform that allows any developer to build new applications on top of it. These new applications can help us explore new frontiers, while accelerating, inspiring, and simplifying fundamentally with the support of SAP HANA.

The keynote was brought to a close as Vishal drew the Chinese word “疆界” which represents SAP’s new goal and vision of working with all developers and the entire ecosystem to explore and discover the new frontier together.

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