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Kathy Tan

Posted by Kathy Tan on March 25, 2014

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It’s a wrap for day 2 at SAPinsider! Along with the regular exhibit hours and numerous sessions today, there was a special event that took place at the Americas Seminar Room. If you guessed the BW 7.4 on HANA Launch Event then…bingo, we have a winner! The BW 7.4 on HANA Launch is a huge milestone for SAP’s vision of reinventing data warehouse in moving towards the in-memory data-warehouse. For this special event, we had unique sessions that highlighted the importance of the in-memory data fabric.


The Americas Seminar Room filled up wall to wall and out the door before the BW 7.4 event began.

Click here to view our full photo album on SAP HANA Facebook.

The BW 7.4 event opened with an intro from SAP’s Ken Tsai followed by a presentation from Forrester’s Noel Yuhanna. Noel covered Data Warehouse topics including Big Data, Connected Data, and Real-time Data. Noel made great points and my favorite slide was this slide with the snail:


This snail is the perfect picture because if we really think about it, real-time data is important. At the rate of how quickly news passes through our connected lives, there is no time to slow down and wait until tomorrow.

Following the intro were a few more sessions that focused on reinventing data warehousing with SAP’s in-memory data fabric. The main question that was answered through these sessions was: Why choose SAP for your data fabric? If you guessed that the answer was Simplicity… then double bingo! You are right. While simplicity is not the only reason, it is definitely a huge reason. Another session of the event involved SAP customers Molson Coors. Molson Coors’ Pawel Mierski & David Théroux-Bénoni took the stage in the afternoon to share their success with SAP BW 7.4 on HANA. Both Pawel and David were a fantastic duo and they were able to create lots of laughter from the audience. My favorite slide from their presentation is shown below:


Take note of the photo & the caption ” seen by the project team”. We now know how beautiful HANA is through the lens of Molson Coors! 😉

The Molson Coors success story was not the only success mentioned at the BW 7.4 event. For those who had a chance to grab a few beers at the end of the BW 7.4 launch, you probably know that SAP is also celebrating the success of achieving the Guinness World Record for the Largest Data Warehouse with 12.2 PB. If you haven’t heard, SAP, with the help of our partners BMMSoft, HP, Intel, NetApp, Red Hat and MD&Profy, set this world record on March 5th. You can read about more about the details here: Guinness World Record – Largest Data Warehouse

The BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA launch was a great event filled with a full agenda that featured amazing speakers. While most of the BW event schedule was packed, I still managed to spend time at the Social Media Lounge to catch some social action. We had Buzzword Bingo again today at 11:45am & we had one lucky winner who took home a $25 AmEx gift card! Don’t worry, we’re playing one more round of Buzzword Bingo tomorrow at 11:45am, so be sure to come by the Social Media Lounge.

If you’re not already on social media, you can still stop by to chat and we can show you how you can still follow the #HANA2014 & #BI2014Twitter stream. Here are the top tweets for today’s BW 7.4 Launch Event:

  • @jlduly: Molson Coors shared great lessons learned at #HANA2014 on BW on HANA. Great guys!
  • @amynrajan: #bi2014 #hana2014 All options for BW on HANA converge – SAP will support you says Stefan Sigg @SAPInMemory
  • @BIScorecard: Standing room only in sap BW on Hana #bi2014 #hana2014
  • @amynrajan: #bi2014 #hana2014 850+ BW on HANA customer – good work @tfxz and team!
  • @MadaboutBI: #HANA2014 Well, the theory part is over; now we get into the guts/reality of what BW 7.4 techncially delivers that’s new. @SAPinsider
  • @rizalahmed: Packed house at Sap BW 7.4 launch event at #BI2014 #HANA2014 #BOBJ2014
  • @MadaboutBI: #HANA2014 session kicks off on BW 7.4 update – getting a good #BigData context courtesy of @nyuhanna #SAPInsider
  • @jcaparula: “@SAPinsider: @nstevenlucas formally announces BW 7.4 on HANA at #BI2014 #HANA2014” Is this the long – awaited convergence of BW & HANA?

Day 2 was a very informative day with many sessions on BW 7.4 on HANA. You can read the official press release and blog here:


Lastly, the conference is halfway done and we still have quite a few ducks hanging out at the Social Media Lounge. They’re looking for homes, so stop by, get social, and bring one home. 🙂

See what happened on day 1 of SAPinsider HANA 2014 here: .

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