Have you measured your SAP HANA ROI?

Puneet Suppal

Posted by Puneet Suppal on April 8, 2014

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Well, the University of Kentucky just did. Or, I should say that IDC (in an SAP-sponsored study) just did for the University of Kentucky.

The university was looking at how it could better use data about its student body,staff, and facilities. At about the same time, it also sought to increase its graduation rate from 60% to 70% over a 10-year window. To accomplish these goals, the university needed to develop “better and approachable insight” into its operations and the behavior of its students. SAP HANA became the force of choice.

IDC conducted the study using its standard methodology and crunched the numbers with input and validation from the University of Kentucky. The study reports that SAP HANA has increased data reporting speeds by as much as 420 times, making granular data available in minutes rather than days! The university now experiences up to 15 times improvement in query load times, and up to 87% reduction in ETL times.

On the business front, an ROI of 509% might seem unreal to some, but that’s what the numbers add up to! Check out the full story¬†here.

So, if you are a user of SAP HANA, ask yourself what your ROI is and how soon you might expect to recover your investment. If you need assistance with that, reach out to your SAP account executive or SAP HANA expert and let’s get this conversation started.

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