Loved Hadoop Summit Europe 2014 – Hope you did too!

John Schitka

Posted by John Schitka on April 14, 2014

Senior Director Big Data Analytics Solution Marketing

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Trust you had a good time at Hadoop Summit Europe in Amsterdam. SAP, ranked fourth in Big Data market share by Wikibon, we certainly did. We were pleased to be able to share our Big Data story and strategy with so many.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet so many of you and to be part of such a marvelous event. It is rapidly growing with over 750 attendees this year up nearly 60% from last year – showing the growth interest around Big Data in Europe. And in such an amazing venue in such a beautiful city. Though it was a quick, work focused trip I really enjoyed my time in Amsterdam. I just love the city. My travels back home were smooth and I hope that yours were safe and uneventful as well. I really enjoyed the event and opportunity to share what SAP is doing around Big Data, Hadoop, predictive analytics and to validate why SAP was ranked #4 for Big Data market share by Wikibon. in its “Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast” report. – read it here

The survey looked at Big Data market share based on hardware, services and software revenue. SAP was ranked 4 out of 74, a very respective showing indeed, behind IBM, HP, and Dell, all known for their hardware, and all respected SAP partners.

I really enjoyed being in the same space as, and being able to interact with, some remarkable companies, like Hortonworks, a respected SAP partner with whom SAP has a reseller agreement, Wandisco, Splunk, MapR, Cloudera and so many others. I also found it extremely valuable to be offered, and have the ability to be able to attend so many informative sessions. To me the video that kicked everything off at the beginning the keynote sessions on day 1 really struck a chord with me – comparing the Big Data revolution of the information age to the industrial revolution. And it rings very true and the disruptive changes just keep coming. Look at the impact of 3D printing is having on the world, from value chain to evaluating postponement – moving production closer to the end point. Big Data properly applied can have the same disruptive impact on business models and processes. I also liked the reference Mike Gualtieri of Forrester made in his keynote about companies only looking in the light – at the areas and data they see and understand – and ignoring the vast amounts dark data they have. And the need for Data Scientists to help companies shed light on the dark areas and enable Big Data projects. This is why SAP provides services so customers can engage design thinking experts to uncover critical business needs and opportunities. Services that can range from a one-time expert advice session to ongoing management and support enabling customers to quickly gain value from their Big Data – learn more about SAP Services here. SAP Data Science can help organizations define and implement a Big Data strategy, transforming volumes of data into clear business insights and to optimize execution to maximize business performance. The SAP Data Science team can help you define a specific plan for your business by offering: industry-specific business knowledge, differentiating data science along with visualization and decision support – learn more about SAP Data Science here.

And of course this is a Hadoop show. There were a number of session of great value and I found •Rob Bearden, CEO, Hortonworks, keynote on the first day and Shaun Connolly, VP Strategy, Hortonworks keynote on the second day very interesting. Hadoop is a part of the SAP Big Data story and a part of the SAP HANA platform for Big Data ecosystem. Ideally data is held and processes happen in the best place; one optimized for the given activity or use case. As I have noted Hortonworks is values SAP partner and SAP actually has a resell agreement with Hortonworks.

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While many of the people I spoke with understood the synergies and interactions between Hortonworks and SAP, some still came with a perceived conflict between the two. Timo Elliott, who was at the show, did a great blog on the synergies of Hadoop and SAP and how they are complementary entitled No Hadoop Isn’t Going to Replace Your Data Warehouse. – read it here.

Hope you got true value out of Hadoop Summit Europe 2014 and I wish you well on your Big Data journey. Hope to see you at Hadoop
Summit San Jose 2104 in June or next year in Amsterdam.

  • Watch the keynote David Parker, VP Big Data, SAP, gave at Hadoop Summit Europe about how to change your world with Big Data. Watch it here
  • Learn more about how the SAP HANA Platform for Big Data can help you take a simplified approach to making data work for you, along with Hadoop, to help you derive true value from Big Data for your business at:
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