[Cricket Match Preview] – 41st Match – Royals Seek to Roll Passed Daredevils – Rajasthan Royals V Delhi Daredevils

The Royals seek to return to their winning ways when they host the table cellar dwelling Delhi Daredevils this evening in Ahmedabad. After dropping their previous match to the Super Kings, Rajasthan hope they can continue to make strides towards the top of the table by extending the Daredevils losing streak to six. Discover how the Royals clinically overhauled Delhi’s total when the teams first clashed 12 days ago and find out how the teams faired against each other last season. By loading ball by ball match data into SAP HANA we can analyze the easy to build data visualizations created with SAP Lumira and SAP Crystal Reports to preview tonight’s clash.

With an online data connection to SAP Lumira we can quickly chart out the number of runs each individual batsman has scored throughout the tournament. JP Duminy leads the Daredevils with 332 runs as his lime green bar towers over the rest of the Delhi batsman. Ajinkya Rahane and Royal’s skipper, Shane Watson, have been the top run getters for the Royals as their 252 and 227 respective runs are represented in green and pink below.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 1.21.03 PM.png

Using SAP Lumira we can create a geographic pie chart to show the percentage of runs each team has scored off of boundaries throughout the tournament. Delhi has scored just over half of their runs from boundaries as the blue slice representing their 778 boundary runs is slightly larger than their green slice of 727 no boundary runs. Rajasthan’s offense has relied quite heavily on boundaries as they have scored 53.3 percent of their runs from boundaries with 772 boundary runs and 677 no boundary runs.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 1.40.56 PM.png

By connecting our data to SAP Crystal Reports we can create a detailed and informative grid to analyze a bowler’s performance broken down by bowling length and line. Pravin Tambe has emerged as Rajasthan’s most reliable bowler as he has scalped 14 opponents and conceded an average of 6.77 runs in the 40 overs he has bowled. Evident in the grid is Tambe’s excellent efficiency when bowling deliveries with a middle stump line as he has only conceded a single boundary on those 50 deliveries and has posted an economy of 4.87.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 1.52.28 PM.png

Tambe has been exceptionally effective when bowling length balls as he has recorded a dot on 35.8 percent of the 165 length balls he has tossed and has only conceded boundaries 6.6 percent of the time. However, when the right-arm leg spinner delivers back of length balls his economy sky rockets to 9.71 with him conceding boundaries on 21.7 percent of those tosses. Tambe’s complete bowling grid is attached below.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 1.54.16 PM.png

Keep your eyes peeled for more visualizations created in SAP Lumira using historical Indian Twenty20 data from SAP HANA. Please check back regularly during the tournament for more insights about the daily action. Also, watch out for a series of tutorial videos on how we load the data into SAP HANA.

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-Tom Flanagan

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