Zementis Joins the SAP Big Data Bus

The Zementis team was honored to be part of the SAP Big Data bus that parked outside Wells Fargo Headquarters yesterday (May 13) in San Francisco. Thanks for all those that came through the Zementis station!

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-AxUfRk7lasc/U3QIL646tAI/AAAAAAAABos/nHYYHbPq6vw/s1600/Screen+Shot+2014-05-14+at+5.20.25+PM.pngThe SAP Big Data bus showcases the amazing technology SAP and its partners have to offer for Big Data. SAP created waves in the big data analytics market by introducing HANA®, its platform for real-time analytics and applications. By combining columnar data storage, massively parallel processing and in-memory computing, HANA dramatically accelerates the performance of critical computations, enabling real-time analytical capabilities that support real-time decision making in a wide variety of business contexts.

Zementis created waves in the analytics market by introducing ADAPA®, a standards-based real-time scoring engine for predictive analytics. The Zementis ADAPA scoring engine provides a highly scalable framework to deploy, integrate, and execute complex predictive models built in most commercial data mining tools, e.g. SAP Predictive Analysis, KXEN, IBM SPSS, as well as open source tools like R and KNIME.


ADAPA provides full support for the PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) standard. When a predictive model is deployed in ADAPA, it is transformed into a dynamic business asset capable of extracting value and insight from data in real-time.

And here is why Zementis has teamed up with SAP to showcase its scoring technology inside the SAP Big Data bus:


http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-gL3AbspJ7Hk/U3QHnEMFWpI/AAAAAAAABok/QWW4YhjCi7A/s1600/Screen+Shot+2014-05-14+at+5.17.57+PM.pngBy offering ADAPA for SAP HANA, Zementis brings to the market a dynamic, highly flexible platform for scoring advanced predictive analytic models for big data in real time. It allows organizations to interpret massive volumes of data, even constantly changing data, on an almost instantaneous basis. With ADAPA and HANA, organizations can rapidly deploy and run predictive models that reveal critical insights from their data.

Zementis ADAPA and SAP HANA enable customers to implement predictive solutions which are:

  • Highly Scalable: Score advanced predictive analytics models for big data, do it in real time, and do it at scale
  • Plug & Play: Use standard features of HANA, without complex customization or optimization
  • Standards-based & Vendor-neutral: Deploy any predictive model from virtually any data mining tool
  • Industry-agnostic: Implement this powerful predictive analytics capability in any industry

Want to read more about ADAPA for SAP HANA? Simple, just check the ADAPA for SAP HANA pageon the Zementis website.

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