[Cricket Results] – Mumbai Prevail in Match Mired With Tussle

The Mumbai Indians defeated the Royal Challengers Bangalore by 19 runs in a match mired by an exchange of choice words between RCB bowler Mitchell Starc and MI batsmen Kieron Pollard. After slamming his bat down in frustration from a late Starc delivery, Pollard would go on to pummel boundaries that greatly bolstered Mumbai’s total. The Indians then took eight wickets during their attack and prevented the Royal Challengers from topping their total. After loading match data into SAP HANA we can create insightful visualizations in SAP Lumira and SAP Crystal Reports to analyze’s Mumbai’s second victory of the season.

With SAP Lumira we can create a Manhattan chart that shows the number of runs each team scored per over during the match. Even though Bangalore began their chase with a furious flurry of boundaries including a 28 run third over, the Royal Challengers could hardly maintain that frantic pace and their required run rate quickly exceeded 12 runs towards their final overs. Evident in the Manhattan chart is Mumbai’s consistency in scoring nine or more runs an over, as they did that in a majority of their overs..

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.36.35 PM.png

By making a few changes in SAP Lumira’s intuitive interface we can plot the number of runs Mumbai’s batsmen scored per ball in an area chart. Note the 14 fours and eight sixes the Indians struck during their innings. Rohit Sharma, in purple below, unleashed a fury of maximums in the last few overs to cap Mumbai’s potent innings.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.48.24 PM.png

With SAP Crystal Reports we can create a wagon wheel graphic to show the trajectory and length of all of Sharma’s run scoring shots. Sharma’s unbeaten 59 runs on 35 balls earned the Indian national the Man of the Match honor. Note that while Sharma hit each of his sixes in different directions, the vast majority of his run scoring shots were hit to his right.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.53.35 PM.png

Keep your eyes peeled for more visualizations created in SAP Lumira using historical Indian Twenty20 data from SAP HANA. Please check back regularly during the tournament for more insights about the daily action. Also, watch out for a series of tutorial videos on how we load the data into SAP HANA.

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-Tom Flanagan

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