[Cricket Results] – Hyderabad Defeats Delhi Via Duckworth-Lewis Method

In a rain shortened match the Sunrisers Hyderabad were awarded an eight wicket victory over the Delhi Daredevils as they reached their Duckworth-Lewis determined target of 43 runs in 5 overs. The Daredevils lost their fourth match in a row and returned to the table’s cellar, a position they occupied for much of last season as well. By loading ball by ball data from the match into SAP HANA we can create insightful visualizations of the match’s action with SAP Lumira and SAP Crystal Reports to analyze the Sunrisers’ victory.

With SAP Crystal Reports we can create a worm chart that shows each team’s cumulative score at any point in the match and when their wickets were taken. The Daredevils got off to quick start during their opening overs, sitting on 84 for 3 after the 10th over. However, the Daredevils’ pace quickly diminished, especially in the last few overs, as four more of their wickets were taken and they managed to score only 15 runs on their last 24 balls. With rain pouring down, the Sunrisers were tasked with the arduous challenge of scoring 43 runs off of only 30 balls. After a slow start to their shortened chase, unbeaten David Warner and Naman Ojha propelled the Sunrisers past their target. Ojha stuck two massive sixes and scored 13 runs on only 3 balls for an incredible strike rate of 433.33. See in the worm chart how far ahead the Sunrisers were of the Daredevils’ pace after five overs.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 10.17.49 AM.png

With SAP Lumira we can plot the number of runs each Sunriser bowler conceded per ball during their attack. While early on in the innings the Sunrisers attack was beaten around for many boundaries they begun to greatly curtail the Daredevils pace by taking some disruptive wickets and conceding only a single boundary to the Daredevils in the final six overs. After the second ball in the 17th over the Sunrirsers conceded only singles to give their batsman a beatable Duckworth-Lewis target.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 10.51.34 AM.png

Using SAP Crystal Reports we can construct a bowling grid that shows the line, length, and result of each of the 24 balls the Sunrirsers’ Man of the Match, Dale Steyn, delivered during his overs. Steyn took a pair of wickets and only conceded 20 runs to finish the match with an economy of 5.00. Even though he did concede his only six with a length ball, those were clearly his most effective deliveries as he took a wicket and recorded six of his 11 dots with length ball deliveries.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 10.49.03 AM.png

Keep your eyes peeled for more visualizations created in SAP Lumira using historical Indian Twenty20 data from SAP HANA. Please check back regularly during the tournament for more insights about the daily action. Also, watch out for a series of tutorial videos on how we load the data into SAP HANA.

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-Tom Flanagan

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