[Cricket Match Preview] – 52nd Match – Potential Playoff Preview in Mohali – Kings XI Punjab V Rajasthan Royals

A win for Watson and the Rajasthan Royals tonight and they’re in the playoffs. They will have a difficult task though as they must defeated the table topping KXIP in Mohali. Both sides dropped their most recent result to the Mumbai Indians and both team will be looking to get back into form as they gear (hopefully for Rajasthan) up for the playoffs. With a win the Kings XI will clinch a spot in the first qualifier and guarantee themselves the easiest possible route to the championship match. Discover how Glenn Maxwell and the rest of the Kings XI’s batsmen swiftly overhauled Rajasthan’s lofty target earlier this tournament in Sharjah and find out how the Royals swept the season series last year. After processing ball by ball match data with SAP HANA we can create informative visualizations with SAP Lumira and SAP Crystal Reports to preview tonight’s showdown.

With SAP Lumira we can create a pair of pie charts that show the percentage of a team’s runs that each batsman has scored. KKR’s Robin Uthappa finally removed the Orange Cap from Glenn Maxwell’s head, which had been perched upon there since the beginning of the tournament. Sl Maxwell should have a little more extra motivation tonight to add to his 553 run total and reclaim the cap that he had such a strangle hold on earlier in the tournament. Ajinka Rahane’s 316 runs and Karun Nair’s 269 runs in light green and magenta respectively below, lead the way for the Royals’ lineup.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 1.42.05 PM.png

We can examine further how KXIP have scored a league best, 2,129 runs through 12 matches by creating a 3D bar chart that shows the number of fours and sixes their batsman have hit this season. The purple bars towering above all of the rest of course belong to Glenn Maxwell, who has struck 46 fours and 35 maximums. Virender Sehwag has sent 38 balls to the field rope while David Miller has soared 16 deliveries over the boundary. The Kings XI heavily rely on their boundary shots so the Royals must try to limit their boundary susceptible deliveries or they could find their playoff fate suddenly in real jeopardy.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 1.56.05 PM.png

With SAP Crystal Reports we can create a graphic that gives a side-by-side comparison of the economies of the Royals’ best bowler, Pravin Tambe, and the strike-rates of the Kings XI’s best batsman, Glenn Maxwell, broken down by the line and length of the balls they have tossed and faced. Maxwell has seemingly been able to maul every type of delivery that has come his way with strike rates of 233 and above vs every line of half volley deliveries. Against each of Tambe’s red-hot zones below Maxwell been has very effective with strike-rates north of 197. So when the Royals’ right-handed spinner tosses against Maxwell today he may look to deliver some balls with a leg side line as Maxwell hasn’t fair quite as well against those as he has vs off side balls.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 1.57.48 PM.png

Can Maxwell reclaim the Orange Cap or will the Royals clinch the final playoff berth tonight?

Keep your eyes peeled for more visualizations created in SAP Lumira using historical Indian Twenty20 data from SAP HANA. Please check back regularly during the tournament for more insights about the daily action. Also, watch out for a series of tutorial videos on how we load the data into SAP HANA.

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-Tom Flanagan

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