2014 Startup Focus Award finalists

It’s Hollywood meets Silicon Valley. In the run-up to SAPPHIRE NOW 2014, we’re delighted to announce the finalists for the 2nd annual Startup Focus Awards. Read on to find out who made it to the final cut – the Top 5 across different categories.

Here are the categories for this year’s SAP Startup Focus awards:

  1. Most Social Impact – bring grassroots level change and address core social issues
  2. Most Innovative – show breakthrough innovation
  3. Most Transformative – radically simplify and bring game changing solutions
  4. Best Native HANA Application – native to, and deployable in, the SAP HANA Engine

Drumrolls, please!

The finalists for the category Most Social Impact are:


Convergence CT helps in incidence tracking, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases like Cancer, Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease.


Green Cosmos Energy Solutions helps combat climate change and its attendant environmental effects like unprecedented weather changes, hurricanes, tsunamis and rising sea-levels.


Procure to Report:brings people together, across business units & organizations, driving innovation and accelerating issue resolutions by enabling real-time capture of human interaction and communication.


Tapasvi Clin-MolBio Solutions helps to fight major health problems like obesity and diabetes which affect billions of people around the world. The health issues cumulatively result in huge financial losses and other social costs.


United Software Associates offers a SAP HANA based Healthcare Platform that analyzes and correlates data sets, and predicts outcomes in real-time. This allows healthcare organizations around the world to instantly track diseases and to decide on the best possible diagnostic and preventative strategies.

Next, for the Most Innovative category, we have:


Discover Dollar helps retailers overcome issues like overpayment to vendor due to complexity of transactions, communication gaps, policy issues and human/system errors.


Imaginestics enables manufacturers to search for products and suppliers using shape similarity algorithms, thereby enabling companies to reuse historical supplier data for smarter decisions.


KnowledgeFlux helps to quantify strategic knowledge within the enterprise across all industries, including knowledge worker behavior and what they do with knowledge.


Kopi provides real-time and historical data processing by using iBeacon technologies that helps brick and mortar businesses to interact with people who are near-premise/on-premise and to target the right customers and sell personalized solutions.


Zementis accelerates time-to-market and enhances smart decision-making by reducing cost and complexity of predictive analytics and ensures scalability and reliability of model execution via uniform deployment platform in highly dynamic and complex environments.


For the Most Transformative category, we have:


Bankhawk Analytics addresses complexity and sometime poor information supplied by banks. The solution consolidates large amounts of disparate banking data for companies to better understand and manage their banking activity for optimal financial outcomes.


Datalynx caters to the problem of not having real-time integrated information about company’s procurement, manufacturing, distribution, logistics and eventually the end user point of sale. By enabling real-time analytics in an integrated manner – using data from every business area – the solution is able to capture and represent a holistic picture of the real-time state of the company’s supply-chain performance.


FIT Solutions enables small or medium retailers to analyze their businesses and to measure the retail market of unorganized retailers in real-time in order to gain competitive advantage. This solution also help manufacturers to spend their time and budget effectively to interact with their retail dealers.

Flutura Business Solutions helps reduce safety risk exposure, OSHA recordable accident rates and other incidents to improve safety in industries. In Manufacturing, Oil and Gas and Automotive sectors this solution continuously monitors and identifies safety related risk factors by institutionalizing safety behavior in businesses.


SynergySuite solves the lack of real-time visibility into critical business information from disparate systems used by large hospitality chains or the large quick service & casual dining chains.

Finally, in the Best Native HANA Application category, we have:

Green Cosmos Energy Solutions offers a real-time energy analytics solution which helps organizations in Manufacturing, Retail and Commercial office buildings to achieve their energy goals and be lean, clean and sustainable with minimal carbon footprint.


IPN Intelligent Predictive Networks monitors industrial machines and plants for future maintenance thereby reducing maintenance costs, allowing better planning of maintenance schedules, and determining financial benefits of using different maintenance strategies.


Mimosasoft helps with more effective marketing by providing help with content to hook and engage readers instantly and turn them into customers.


The OPAL Operational Analytics solution enables precise customer demand forecasts and process measures in the supply chain and therefore helps customers ensure availability of goods, decrease stock & costs of perished goods and increase customer satisfaction and sustainability of manufacturing companies and retailers.


Tapasvi Clin-MolBio Solutions
provides evidence based information for redesigned care, wellness initiatives and disease management programs helping educate patients and providing clinical data analytic solutions and evidence based medicine guidelines.


This was definitely a challenging year to select finalists from the nearly 100 fantastic applications. We read every single application and went through three rounds of evaluation to bring the list down to these last five finalists in each category. Each applicant was compelling and we congratulate everyone who entered – the choices were often very difficult, with different judges rooting for their favorites.

A special shout-out to Tapasvi Clin-MolBio Solutions and Green Cosmos Energy Solutions for being finalists in two separate categories.

So there we are. Please join us at SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 in Orlando where the winners will be announced.

Kaustav Mitra ( @KaustavMitra) is the Global Vice-President and Program Lead for the SAP Startup Focus Program. Follow the program on Twitter, on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

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