InTenMin – 360 degree stock analysis

Written by Ashish Chadha, Director, Cosmic Creation and Suneet Agera, SAP Startup Focus

The financial markets have long been an interesting and competitive space where the participants play more by gut-feel than through science. Most players in the markets, traders and institutional traders, like to play according to their risk appetites and are eager to have a 360 degree view of the stock that they would like to work with. While deep statistical and predictive analysis is out of the reach of most traders who are not programmers or statisticians, a solution abstracting this complexity and just giving time buy/sell alerts is just what the doctor ordered for many. Cosmic Creation is a Sydney based startup that has come out with precisely such a solution for both the individual trader as well as institutional investors.

InTenMin is a powerful financial analytics application that combines in-depth stock market analysis and real-time social media analysis to predict stock movements for the next 10 minutes (hence the name InTenMin). Faster and in-depth information provided by InTenMin helps traders build stronger portfolios and enables them to reduce risk. The application also enables traders to take market timing to the next level with custom alerts and custom search strings. The solution has a user friendly interface running that provides multiple indicators and charts combined with state of the art real-time high speed predictions giving traders an edge in today’s markets.

Financial Analysts, Traders & Fund Managers rely on forecasts to guide almost every important decision for the financial portfolio. The two broad categories of forecasting methods used in trading today are statistical approaches and market sentiment. InTenMin runs high speed analytics on historical and real-time stock data to provide in-depth statistics. This information is co-related with sentiment analysis from social media. This approach combines statistical forecasting with sentiment analysis to provide a 360 degree analysis on stocks. Using this analysis highly accurate stock predictions are made possible for up-to 10 minutes period.

InTenMin application runs analysis on huge amount of financial data, which includes real-time as well as historical data. The data includes billions records of stock ticker information and live twitter feeds. Running analysis on such huge amounts of data in real-time requires a lot of processing power with real-time response times. The high speed analytics running on billions of records of stock data and social media data required a powerful technology platform and Cosmic Creation turned to SAP HANA to power their solution.

The product has considerable appeal in the B2B scenario too. Cosmic Creation is in discussion with various clients to provide a set of APIs which can plug in to the powerful backend algorithms directly into a fundhouse’s existing UI.

Cosmic Creation is a part of the SAP Startup Focus Program and will be showcasing their solution at the Startup Focus Booth at Sapphire Orlando early June.

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