MimoLex – Understand and Connect to your Customer Intelligently

Written by Marisa Adams, Solution Manager, Mimosasoft and Suneet Agera, SAP Startup Focus

One of the biggest challenges faced by modern marketers is developing engaging content that persuades a website visitor to take action, ideally leading to business transactions. Increasing customer engagement is the numero uno priority for marketers according to a recent study by Exact Target. According to an IBM report, $83 billion dollars are wasted yearly due to poor communication on websites. Content and communication managers are beginning to realize that marketing is not just about having excellent content and reaching customers, but more about writing best-selling content that can hook readers instantly and keep them engaged, and progressively transforming those readers into customers. Modern day marketing is storytelling at its best, so in essence, marketers need to start thinking like publishers and authors and figure out how to write the best sellers.

But this is all easier said than done. Content and marketing managers have day jobs, and often they lack skills and experience needed to create engaging content (that is what authors do!). Therefore, what they need are intelligent tools, powered by superior technology, that can take their business documents and turn them into engaging blogs, web pages, product listings, press releases or social media posts. Mimosasoft is a New Jersey based startup, with development headquartered in India.

They built a solution called MimoLex by leveraging advances in multi-channel listening, natural language processing, and big data analytics to help marketers write that best-selling content and actively respond to customer feedback. MimoLex allows marketers to transform the way they author their content by allowing them to use the power of lexical, sentiment, and predictive analytics tools, to hone their content and perfectly match their customer’s tastes, all in real-time. This should also help marketers increase lead conversion rates and get actionable insights into their customers’ intentions, needs and behavior.

The canvas of this solution is vast; the application of MimoLex could go well beyond marketing and publishing to a number of other industry verticals including hospitality, political campaign management, and financial services. For example, a hospitality brand owner or a hotel manager could effortlessly get insights into what their guests are saying about their stay on TripAdvisor. A political campaign manager could use MimoLex to fine tune a speech or a press release and review the responses it generated in social media circles and news media. An equity investor or trader could get sentiment signals related to a security to significantly improve trading decisions. In short the solution is cross industry, and relevant in any business where the customers’ opinion and feedback is of paramount importance.

Mimolex is powered by SAP’s in-memory platform, SAP HANA. “There was no dearth of technologies to build what we wanted to, especially in the open source space. What titled the scale in HANA’s favor is its unique ability to process large volumes of data at lightning speed in real time, its natural language processing capabilities and rich application function library. And that’s what we needed to give MimoLex a competitive advantage over traditional apps in this space.” said Mukunda Krishnaswamy, CTO, Mimosasoft.

Pilot users of MimoLex have given positive feedback! They say that it takes the guesswork out of generating engaging content. It offers marketers the opportunity to delve deeper, to not only see what their customers are saying and doing, but why they are doing it. This insight, in a real time setting, is invaluable, and the key to help marketers improve conversion rates and listen to customers across channels.

Mimosasoft will be showcasing MimoLex at the SAP Startup Focus Booth at Sapphire Orlando.

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