SAPTags – a cross industry mobile application platform

Written by Trafford Vagg, Managing Director, Procure to Report and Suneet Agera, SAP Startup Focus

How many efficiency driving mobile solutions have been quashed due to cost concerns or not even mentioned as it’s assumed it will never get off the ground? Until now, mobilizing a business process involved, large capital investment, long delivery times, more support for additional technically diverse mobile applications, additional end user training for the new applications.

Trafford Vagg, Managing Director, Procure to Report, a Sydney based startup believes that their solution SAPTags is a fast, feature rich, mobile data capture solution that tears down the barriers to mobile solution development.

“The workplace is full of great ideas. The challenge is harnessing them, filtering diamonds from the rough, road testing and delivering the winners all at minimal cost.” says Trafford. Strong words, but what the Procure to Report team has built is also a strong solution. SAPTags is a platform that enables the business end users to build their own mobile applications from the users own mobile device, fully functional & core system integrated in minutes with no development. With a vast array of features at the ready and a simple intuitive user interface, the resulting applications are feature rich. Synchronizing ERP and non-ERP data, applying data warehousing modelling techniques and the awesome processing power of SAP HANA securely provide data to SAPTags applications fast.

Trafford illustrates his application development platform with a few examples. Consider a worker Ryan on an oil rig who discovers a leaking pipe. What does he do? Follow a convoluted process to report the fault, depend on someone who picks his call to log a ticket, answer numerous calls to specify dimensions of the faulty equipment and finally (after some hours in the best case) fix the issue with a replacement pipe. But what if the worker was provided with an app on his mobile device that allowed him to capture the material number of the fault pipe, the picture, the geo-spatial location and then was informed there and then, where the nearest replacement was available from where he could procure and fix the leak. And transparent to him, a workflow is created in the ERP system, for all the necessary actions.

Or consider the Alice who works in the IT department of an organization, and just gets a call to fix a hardware issue in the subsidiary office three blocks away from the head office. Instead of going back and forth between her desk and the incident site, she just needs to have an app on her mobile device that captures the incident and all enterprise information related to it.

Both these scenarios showcase massive simplification of enterprise processes through mobile applications. But behind the scenes, there is a lot of heavy lifting going on. Very fast and smart searches across big data sets, geo-spatial analysis to find the nearest spot for material replacement, and the requirement to have response times of less than 3 seconds for mobile devices requires a powerful technology backend. And on the front end, the SAPTags platform provides more than 24 templates for various scenarios across various industries to quickly mash up an enterprise mobile app perfectly suited for the employee in the field always on the move.

Trafford says that SAP HANA was a natural fit. “I first had a look at SAP HANA in detail at the SAP Startup Forum at Sydney in 2013. It was followed by a technical bootcamp, at the end of which I realized that this was the ideal technology for the SAPTags solution. The ability to instantly access transaction level information from non-aggregated Big Data is the key to drastically expand capabilities for mobile enterprise app end users.”

SAPTags is ideal for organizations that are ready for

• Rapid expansion in the mobility space

• Cost savings through business process simplification & platform consolidation

• A new level of collaboration between staff and with customers or trading partners

• An internal cultural shift where technology doesn’t just facilitate but drives innovation

Trafford will be at Sapphire Orlando early June showcasing the SAPTags solution at the SAP Startup Focus booth.

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