Your Personal Executive Inbox Assistant is here

Written by Suneet Agera, SAP Startup Focus

Last month, Toby Ruckert, CEO, Unified Inbox, a startup based out of Germany, with their development center/operations in India & Singapore wrote an interesting blog showcasing how they were building a solution for superior inbox management. One month later, in typical startup style, the solution is ready to be showcased Sapphire Orlando at the SAP Startup Focus booth.

While the blog talks in detail of the solution, it is important to note that this solution could be just what the doctor ordered for the business executive who is suddenly faced with a new trend of doing business on social media. Be it the marketing manager of a retail store who needs to know which of the products for which a marketing campaign has been launched are trending of Facebook, or an advertising firm executive who would like to measure success on twitter for their CPG client, the need for tracking relevant social media is getting just as important as being connected over email. And the Inbox-Rank algorithm that the team has built using SAP HANA’s machine learning, data crunching and real-time capabilities ensures that only the relevant Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and LinkedIn messages are listed along with your important email, as they come in.

It looks like this new age personal assistant is here to stay, except that she is composition of Usain Bolt and Randy Orton – fast and powerful!

Unified Inbox is a part of the SAP Startup Focus Program which currently has close to 1300+ startups developing solutions based on SAP’s in-memory technology platform SAP HANA.

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