The Simple Way to Build and Extend SAPUI5 Applications

Yaad Oren

Posted by Yaad Oren on June 3, 2014

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Back in 2006 I was applying for a developer position in SAP. I was a young developer, and the recruiting manager gave me a task to extend a .NET application. Eagerly, I grabbed the IDE (Visual Studio 2005) and delved into the good old .Net 2.0 frameworks. When I submitted the task, proudly thinking that I had excelled at it, it took the manager about five seconds to gently address my misplaced confidence. He told me: “It is not simple enough and, in software, if something is not simple then it is probably wrong.”

He was right… almost 10 years have passed and the simplification of the entire process of building and extending applications is more important than ever. The business environment is changing rapidly and developers need to keep up with the pace in order to cater to the users’ needs.

We hear this from our customers too. When it comes to user experience we hear that they really like the out-of-the-box SAPUI5 based applications applying the SAP Fiori UX . However, customers also stress their need to simplify the process of extending these SAP delivered applications and creating their own applications applying the Fiori UX.

Well, I am proud to say that I think we have some good news right on this front!

Introducing SAP River Rapid Development Environment

Today at SAPPHIRE NOW, we announced the Beta release availability of the new SAP River Rapid Development Environment (RDE). SAP River RDE is a Web-based development environment aimed at bringing simplification and productivity to how developers can collaboratively design, develop, and deploy applications.

SAP River RDE offers customers a consolidated environment powered by SAP HANA Cloud Platform to create and extend UI5 applications. This new solution includes rich development productivity boosters, such as an advanced source code editor, UI5 code completion, wizards, templates, instant preview with mock-up data, and additional extensibility features.



New type of advantages

One of the biggest current trends in application development is development in the cloud. Analysts predict that in less than 6 years at least 70% of new app development will happen in the cloud. This means that the world is shifting from heavy on-premise IDEs to a “code anywhere” web-based approach that provides full end-to-end application lifecycle support. This is especially true for HTML5 and JS code development, where the browser is its native environment. All you need is a browser since there is no client side installation. Also having the code already where it should be, saves some round trips. Eclipse fans do not need to worry! The on-premise IDEs definitely hold their ground for a large set of development activities. However, even the most die-hard advocates cannot ignore these latest developments, with a focus on Orion – Eclipse Platform for Cloud Based Development.

And for us at SAP, it is now easier than ever to provide customers continuous improvement and innovation with no need to install new plugins or patches.

It’s all about Synergies

You can deploy the applications pretty much anywhere. It can be your SAP HANA Cloud Platform or ABAP systems. A deployment to SAP Mobile Platform via Kapsel integration is planned for later this year. In addition, SAP plans to announce the availability of SAP River RDE as part of HANA Web IDE. This will enable SAP HANA on-premise customers to easily develop and extend applications that applying SAP Fiori UX.

Customers can also consume models, data, and logic which are based on River Definition Language (RDL). Combining SAP River RDE with RDL modeling and consumption is another great way to build beautiful apps on top of SAP HANA.

So you can use SAP River RDE to benefit from a cloud-based rich toolkit and deploy the application to almost any SAP landscape that you’d like. This is one powerful combination.

Try it today!

SAP River RDE Beta release focuses on UI5 developers’ productivity. That said, a lot more is planned for upcoming releases – adding modeling tools for designers, integration with application prototypes for Business Analysts, and more. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

In the meantime, you can try out SAP River RDE Beta release right now from HANA Marketplace.

If you want to learn more about how to use it, you can access tutorial videos at the HANA Academy via this link:

And for those of you who will be at SAPPHIRE Now Orlando, come meet my colleagues and me! We will be hosting a dedicated test-drive area (#TE341) where you can experience SAP River RDE and learn more about it and its related planned activities.

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