Suite on HANA Project with Online Retailer

I’m in the SAP consulting business for many years, and I’m pretty excited about the opportunities the SAP HANA platform has to offer in various dimensions. With my blog, I’d like to share some recent experiences I made on the capabilities for IT simplification HANA provides.

Last year I recommended HANA to my long-standing customer in Austria. is an online and mail-order retailer for clothing, electronics, furniture, accessories, etc., and a well-known brand in Europe. They have to stand their ground in a highly competitive environment, which means they have to provide their customers a great shopping experience provided on a platform that is easy to use.

Following a buyout, had to set up their own IT infrastructure and therefore were looking for a future-proof IT platform that enables real-time analytics and personalized consumer interactions. At the same time, the charter was to simplify their IT landscape and operations for lower total cost of ownership and greater simplicity. With HANA, SAP had an attractive package to offer running with top performance, which we hosted for on a dedicated Cisco server.

We migrated two instances of their SAP ERP application from the former parent company to our data center, then performed an ERP upgrade and finally migrated to HANA. The first processes that are up and running on the new platform since October last year are finance and controlling. The end users were very delighted when they experienced that all applications were running either as before or even better, meaning faster with real-time response rates. The IT landscape and IT operations became much simplified because many distributed functions could be consolidated into the central SAP ERP system powered by SAP HANA. No separate data warehouse was needed anymore, all the reporting can now be done on the operational data.

After making this positive experience, is now looking forward to getting real-time predictive and Big Data analytics to better anticipate changing consumer behavior and market conditions and integrate that into their e-commerce processes.

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