ESRI Query Layer integration with SAP HANA

Spatial processing on SAP HANA platform has come a long way since it was released in SPS06 and we currently have several customers and partners taking advantage of these native capabilities. One of the key partners in this journey is Esri who is considered as an Industry Leader in the GIS space.

With the latest SAP HANA SPS08 release we introduced support for Esri customers to directly connect to SAP HANA from ArcGIS Desktop tools like ArcCatalog & ArcMap and create layers from spatial and non-spatial data in SAP HANA. This capability is called Esri Query Layers, which provides a direct connect access interface to and allows SQL to be processed by the SAP HANA platform on spatial data. This delivers a huge advantage to customers who are looking to combine their enterprise data with geospatial data and perform complex analysis on this combined data set in SAP HANA.

Query Layer integration delivers direct connect from ArcGIS for Desktop or programmatic access via APIs and does not need to register with a geodatabase. Some of the key benefits of Query Layers is it allows information stored in databases to be easily integrated with the Esri platform and do more with your spatial data like

  • Include layers in maps
  • Use as input to a spatial analysis tool
  • Share maps and data

•Save as a layer package for sharing (including data)

•Publish as a web service (part of the map document)

  • Enables developers to access and retrieve data in databases much easier by using native SQL


You can now use ArcCatalog to connect to SAP HANA using the HANA odbc interface and also load Esri shape files directly into SAP HANA without having to execute manual SQL statements. And once you have the tables and Feature Classes loaded you can run a “preview” of the spatial data in ArcCatalog or even use ArcMap to create customer layers in SAP HANA


Here is a simple SQL statement to select all the US states thru which the specific river flows.

select b.objectid, b.state_name, b.state_fips, b.pop1997, b.shape from SYSTEM.RIVERS_wgs84 a, SYSTEM.STATES_wgs84 b where = ‘river’ and a.shape.st_crosses(b.shape) =1


This integration is available now from ESRI in ArcGIS Desktop ver 10.2.2 and will be GA in 10.3

To learn more about this feature join us for a special Webinar from SAP and ESRI on June26th at 1pm EST. Click here to register

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