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Jordan Cao

Posted by Jordan Cao on July 16, 2014

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I am glad to have had the opportunity to join the exciting “SAP HANA Business Application Contest” event at SAP Forum in Shanghai, China. After two-months of preparation, seven customer and partner teams were selected to present their HANA applications on the stage competing for five awards. Their presentations were each judged by a strong committee of six judges: two SAP VPs, two customer CIOs, one Intel director, and one VP from analyst/media company. The judges shared positive feedback and had valuable discussions with the presenters. This two-hour event was filled with a curious and engaging crowd.

Mark Gibbs, President of SAP Greater China, said: “We place great importance on growing and expanding the SAP HANA ecosystem. The success of the SAP HANA Business Application Contest demonstrates the openness of the SAP HANA platform and how it generates business value. We intend to leverage the collective power of our ecosystem to drive more innovation and unlock the potential of the SAP HANA platform. SAP will continue to co-innovate with our customers and partners to bring more customized applications to the SAP HANA platform.”

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Five outstanding teams from Nippon, Yunnan Hongxiang, AdMaster, Kintiger Co., and Zoomlion Co., demonstrated strong scenarios and won the following awards:

Best Business Application Award: Nippon China used SAP HANA technology to expand their iColor website by collaborating with Hadoop to create a seamlessly integrated personalized color recommendation solution. SAP HANA’s high-speed memory and in-depth analysis of unstructured data helps to recommend the color choice to improve user experience and provides deeper business insight. The following photo shows Ken Tsai, VP, head of HANA and Data Management Marketing, presenting the award to the winning team.


Best Business Value Award: AdMaster Technology team used SAP HANA to build a SaaS platform that provides customized analysis for personalized social counseling to customers in different industries. With SAP HANA’s analytical computing power and massive comprehensive text analytics, AdMaster was able to easily achieve real-time text data queries, sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and semantic analysis. Through data visualization, customers can quickly see the most intuitive and valuable results of data analysis. Moreover, SAP HANA text analytics allows us to deal with international expansion without changing the structure.

Best Innovation Pioneer Award: Based on the SAP HANA platform, Yunnan Hongxiang technology team built an application that balances the inventory across different stores within a region. It is comprised of the traditional corporate level macro-inventory allocation system and establishes a micro-balanced circle among retail stores to achieve a more proactive, targeted and timely allocation. This solution is great in planning and achieving optimization through real-time inventory data replication in SAP HANA. It leverages the in-memory computing capabilities and predictive analysis algorithms to design an accurate micro level demand forecasting and dispatching route optimization. This effectively reduces the cost of cross-shop and helps enterprises respond to changes in inventory and procurement needs in a timely manner.

Best HANA Feature Use Award: Hangzhou Kintiger team built a SAP HANA solution for Century Sunshine Paper Co. to accelerate their monthly financial closing process with a BI platform. This solution uses SLT to synchronize SAP ERP data into HANA in real-time to accelerate key calculation models. The results are smaller amounts of data which is written back into SAP ERP to continue the business workflow. This solution implements financial closing algorithms within SAP HANA which significantly increases the calculation speed and makes the BI run more smoothly, efficiently, and accurately, bringing significant economic benefits.

Most Promising Application Award: Zoomlion Technology team uses SAP HANA to build a corporate level BI platform that covers all factory management, sales management, and service management teams. This is a typical business BI system that leverages the efficient data analysis capabilities and real-time data processing capabilities with unprecedented speed to process a large number of non-integrated, structured and unstructured data on SAP HANA. This allows companies to make real-time decisions and change the traditional management style. Businesses can create a data-driven business model and helps company to release new business insight. This allows companies to make real-time decisions and create a data-driven business model that changes traditional management.

All application details can be viewed in SAP HANA Business Application Contest website, including one project description page with one video link in Chinese.

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