SAP HANA gets fashionable: PDP in use

Posted by Chloe Pearce on July 16, 2014

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Author: Jessica Cintola, Espedia Consulting

Within the Startup Focus Program, Espedia has developed SAP Product Development Platform (SAP PDP) based on SAP PPM 6.0 powered by HANA, SAP’s in-memory database. This is a powerful integrated solution dedicated to the fashion and apparel industries.

Why potentially evaluate SAP PDP by Espedia?

First of all, it is an SAP-based solution. As mentioned in our video below, SAP is the leader in helping the best companies to run better. Espedia, an SAP Gold Partner, has more than ten years of experience in developing innovative and useful solutions and a strong, comprehensive knowledge about the fashion and retail sectors.

SAP PDP is completely integrated with the SAP ERP and enables you to manage your collection end-to-end, from the concept to the delivery, and in a real-time landscape, with a strong control on every process. A set of functions, both mobile and web browser based will make you able to capture customer trends; by using SAP PPM, the best-in-class tool to manage projects, you can organize the product portfolio and then manage the basic data needed to transform the product idea into a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to be transferred to ERP/SCM systems in order to support the mass production processes.

Check out our video and contact us at for more information.

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