“Put ALL your Logs into Business Action” – The SAP HANA platform for IT Co-Innovation Project

Your business department was asking for the SAP HANA platform, your job as IT is the cost efficient implementation and seamless operation. You feel that the business is the clear winner in that game?

Think again and imagine what if there are use cases where also your department benefits from the SAP HANA platform.

Let me ask you some questions:

  • How often does your company experience IT issues that affect performance or productivity?
  • Would you say that the frequency of such failures impacting your area is: decreasing, staying the same, increasing?
  • How many times does a same/similar failure occur?
  • What is the impact for the business

You should continue reading if you think that there might be some room for improvement. And please dont get me wrong, I know you are doing already a great job. But take a couple minutes and think about your current data center operational setup?

Count the different hardware and software layers starting from storage, network, server and end-user devices followed by operation system, virtualization, application and service layers oh and dont forget specific facility sensors like, temperature, power usage,.

How many different vendor as well as generic management tools do you need for the daily operation?

All that is fine and for sure needed, but imagine you could do all this using one platform: SAP HANA? Managing the massive data volumes including structured and unstructured data provided from tones of event, configuration and external data sources daily? Identifying similarities holistically?Performing ad hoc real-time analysis? And predict critical events? Within and allover your data center layers?

Data Center Intelligence a data mart extension for IT based on the SAP HANA platform helps you to acquire, analyze and act on massive data volumes from, in between and along any data source in your data center in real-time.

  • Maximize IT responsiveness by enabling a holistic view within and allover different hardware and software layers as well as facility sensors to avoid business impacting situations.
  • Mitigate IT risk to ensure business continuity by proving transparency on device connectivity in real-time to detect threats or predict outages.
  • Optimize IT operations to drive cost-efficiency by acquiring, managing and acting on massive volumes of data to optimize resource and capacity management.

Identify similarities, perform ad hoc real-time analytics and prevent critical events causing business impacting situations.

You are interested? We currently start a co-innovation project for a limited number of customers. Take the chance and work close together with the SAP HANA development teams and SAP own IT departments.

You like to know more? Contact us to set-up a first informal briefing meeting and decide afterwards if and how to contribute to the co-innovation project to put ALL your logs into business action.

We’re looking forward to get in co-innovation with you.

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