GraphLab Conference 2014: Day 1

Posted by Chloe Pearce on July 29, 2014

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Graph databases, predictive analytics services, music recommendation engines, visualization tools: the full spectrum of startups and companies on display at the 2014 GraphLab Conference seemed to converge on one major trend – giving people and businesses from all over the world the power and resources to harness Big Data.

Companies from the cutting edge of the field attended the GraphLab Conference in San Francisco on July 21, as did three team members of SAP Startup Focus Program, in what turned out to be an incredibly informative, enriching experience. Seeing the direction the industry is going and the innovations currently being implemented, one cannot help but note that the people, the startups, and the technologies at the Startup Focus Program embody the drive toward greater exploration of the possibilities offered by Big Data analytics.

Presenters from Cloudera, Databricks, Google Research NYC, Trifacta, and other such companies delivered technical, business, and professional insights into today’s Big Data environment. Many other companies, from the graph database Neo4J to the data science platform Dataiku to the web search discovery engine Stumbleupon, offered demos of their technologies at the conference.

We left GraphLab 2014 with a few important takeaways. For one, it is abundantly evident that while data solutions are in demand, there are not enough scientists and professionals to provide them. Machine learning is migrating to a larger and larger scale, and predictive analytics is becoming available to more and more people. Companies like Zementis – a 2014 Startup Focus Most Innovative Finalist and an exhibitor at the conference – are needed to help businesses make the most of their data. Overall, we left the conference feeling confident that the Startup Focus Program is helping startups maximize their reach into today’s most promising and groundbreaking data territories.

Written by Gadi Cohen

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