Thoughts on the ASUG Survey on SAP HANA

Steve Lucas

Posted by Steve Lucas on August 10, 2014

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This week, I read a survey from the Americas SAP User Group (ASUG) about the adoption of SAP HANA. ASUG is an important institution for SAP and our customers. We consider it to be a powerful voice for our technology users – one we take very seriously and continue to support. There is no reason for SAP to exist, save for our customers and their success, and that’s why its important to shed light on the survey and what it means for our customers.


According to the survey data, we have a high percentage of customers who haven’t yet purchased SAP HANA and cite their lack of use case understanding for the technology. Fair enough. SAP can always do more to ensure customers understand the opportunity SAP HANA gives them to reduce costs and simplify/accelerate their business processes. I get the intent of the question but asking people who don’t own HANA what they think of it, is like asking people who have never driven a car what they think about the speed and handling capability of a Porsche. On the other hand, Unilever who has deployed HANA has this to say, “The best thing that SAP HANA at Unilever enabled was face-to-face discussions with our functions to really investigate new business scenarios, new business processes, and to drive into new territories. Besides the acceleration, the user experience improved significantly. We are asked by multiple users for more and more HANA-empowered solutions. It was probably the first time in my role that I really delighted the end-users and made their life easier.” – Thomas Benthien (sp), Global IT Director at Unilever.


One set of data I found most interesting was that nearly 75% of SAP customers who said they have no plans to implement SAP HANA at this time believe that SAP will support their existing environments in the future or for at least five years or more. To me, this feels like a great thing. Customers don’t feel forced or pressured to do something. That’s the antitheses of what people perceive software companies to be. Furthermore it’s the right thing to do – support our loyal customers and partners who invested in SAP a decade or two ago vs. only focusing on the here and now. That’s why people choose SAP.


For customers who are maintaining their legacy environments – while SAP will continue to support this, the marketplace is less forgiving. big data, IoT, cloud, and mobility have converged to create a business environment that is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. Bottom line – HANA is the bridge between rapidly changing technology, fast-moving market trends, and businesses that must continue to generate revenue in a constantly moving marketplace.


For customers who ARE using HANA, nearly half of all the respondents said they found significant ROI in areas like simplification and cost reduction. This means we are winning the battle against complexity by helping customers run simpler. We just need to work harder to clear the path for the rest of our customers. We are just beginning to explore the impact HANA is having on business transformation goals, increased revenue generation, and time and resource savings. Survey results on this type of business impact could prove to be the tipping point that makes HANA a complete no-brainer.


I learned a lot by reading the survey. I learn more every day by speaking directly with our customers. When I hear them tell me how challenged their businesses are by the weight of legacy, complex enterprise software and hardware systems, it strengthens my belief that HANA is the way forward. Clearly, companies want to run simple. In fact, our CEO, Bill McDermott, has said many times that “Run Simple” is the new era in enterprise computing. It turns out he is right and so are our customers.


I have a key takeaway and an invitation. The takeaway is that our customers need us to step up and help them solve the big problems across their technology landscape and business processes…but do it in a way that’s easy to understand with clear ROI and use cases. We are fully committed to this.


The invitation is for all customers who want to transform their business and capitalize on the opportunities that have been opened up through technology innovation, big data, IoT, cloud, and mobility…deploy HANA. Email us, tweet us, call us…we will help you find the right use case to grow your business faster than your competitors and lower your costs at the same time. If you need an environment to evaluate HANA, we can help you with that too! Join us and we WILL help you succeed!




Access the below links to find more than 1,000 use cases, customer references/stories, and deployment scenarios showing lower TCO.

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