SAP Extends Openness and Partner Co-Innovation with SAP HANA Phase 3 Tailored Data Center Integration

Addi Brosig

Posted by Addi Brosig on October 20, 2014

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The SAP HANA journey towards openness continuous today with the announcement of new cost-optimized entry level servers for SAP HANA targeting price sensitive customers on the low-end of the enterprise market, and adding new large scale-up high-performance computing configurations for SAP HANA on the high-end of the enterprise market.

Every customer use case is different. For this reason, SAP introduced the Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) deployment model for SAP HANA, providing customers with additional flexibility and enabling significant cost savings for integrating SAP HANA into customers’ data center. SAP HANA TDI delivered on its promise:
there are more than 400 certified SAP HANA configurations available, providing customers with ultimate choice and flexibility for choosing the best option for their use case and budget needs.

Today’s announcement of TDI Phase 3: SAP HANA on Intel Xeon E5 marks an important milestone on the SAP HANA continuous journey towards openness. The entry-level, 2 socket single node SAP HANA E5 configurations ranging in size from 128GB to 1.5 TB provide the power of SAP HANA real-time business on commodity hardware at the extremely attractive price of ~$10K per server. SAP also made sure that the hardware procurement process for these boxes is quick and easy, by allowing customers to size and order systems from their preferred hardware vendor in three easy steps. The general availability is planned for November 10th 2014.

The rapidly growing partner ecosystem of SAP HANA is another important pillar of its openness strategy. SAP collaborates very closely with its partners to quickly incorporate the latest technology innovations into SAP HANA. The introduction of Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge processors to the market on Feb 18th, followed by Sapphire announcements this summer for the support of SAP HANA on Red Hat, SAP HANA on VMware, and the start of SAP HANA on IBM Power Test and Evaluation program, resulted in a flurry of activities and more than 300 newly certified configurations for SAP HANA.

Today, most hardware partners have certified their SAP HANA system offerings for both SUSE Linux and Red Hat Linux, many offer SAP HANA on VMware configurations in appliance and TDI models, and they constantly look for new and innovative ways to improve their system offerings and lower TCO. Cisco’s certification of an 8 socket HANA appliance, HP’s introduction of a large 16 sockets, 12TB HANA appliance, and the addition of several new storage vendors offering the latest technologies in hybrid and flash storage, are only a few examples of amazing new innovations being introduced almost daily from SAP HANA partners.

The latest addition of SGI to the list of SAP certified hardware appliance partners opens up new opportunities for further extending scalability for single node, large SAP HANA deployments requiring extreme performance and scalability.

Customers that prefer to run SAP HANA virtualized will also have more choices with SP09: Hitachi LPAR logical partitioning provides server virtualization at the firmware level to enable dividing of server hardware resources into multiple partitions, resulting in increased utilization and reduced licensing costs.

So have it your way! Whether you are a small business looking to gain new business value from real-time analytics, or a large global enterprise looking to simplify your landscape and maximize IT performance, SAP HANA has the answer for you. So fasten your seat belt and start your SAP HANA journey now: SAP HANA will take your business to a new high at the speed of thought!

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