Bangkok Airways Makes Flying Fun with SAP HANA

For most, flying usually results in complaint correspondence with airline customer service representatives sparked by canceled connecting flights, an excessively long airline delay, or astronomical charges for customarily gratuitous extras: checked luggage, seat selection, section upgrades, and food.

In a 2011 study by MSN Money and Zogby International Surveys, of the top 10 worst companies for customer service, four were airlines. Of those four, three held the top spots on the leaderboard for worst service.


However, not all airlines operate the same. Bangkok Airways will stop at nothing to ensure that all customers are happy. A regional airline that only flies within four hours of Bangkok, it is dedicated to providing customers a pleasurable experience each and every flight.  Pratit Santiprabhob, the advisor to the president of the company summarized the company mission best, “The key to success is customers; we definitely need to make our customers happy.”

For Bangkok, a main struggle resided in the ability to maintain a customer friendly, competitive price while also controlling operating costs.  To do this, Bangkok needed a system that would update all airline information instantly, especially changes or difficulties in the flight schedule.

After comparing various in-memory computing solutions and talking to current SAP customers, Bangkok Airways moved forward with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.  With a centralized platform for integrating company information, Bangkok can now analyze important financial information as well as internal and external data to help its business by unifying silos, simplifying operations, and cutting costs.  Now Bangkok Airways is better able to communicate flight or status changes with customers and provide customers with improved services.

For the full details, read the full blog on SCN Business Trends.

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