Big Data with a Simplified Cost Effective Architecture

John Schitka

Posted by John Schitka on February 2, 2015

Senior Director Big Data Analytics Solution Marketing

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Easily manage and analyze Big Data in a simplified cost effective architecture to achieve previously impossible results.

Truly enjoyed reading Timo Elliott’s article “Top Big Data and Analytics Trends for 2015” in the UberTech section of ZDnet. It is a good read that I would highly recommend. Yes Timo there will be more of everything from data to processing power that will make 2015 a truly wonderful year for analytics. What really caught my eye right out of the gate was his mention of Arthur C. Clarke and his quote around advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic. I grew up avidly reading and with an insatiable appetite for the works of Asimov and Clarke, the giants of science fiction who were able to weave amazing compelling yarns. And I live in a time where a lot of what they had the vision, that others saw as fantasy or magic, for is becoming reality. I have fond memories of reading Sunjammer, by Clarke, in which the ship was powered by a large solar sail. And this May the Planetary Society’s LightSail Solar Sail is set to Launch. What was, or was seen as impossible is becoming reality.

Today organizations that can extract useful signals from Big Data are discovering ways to re-imagine what is possible. There are vast opportunities – and vast challenges – in the new highly connected, Big Data era we are in. Business needs the speed, instant results and agility that a platform like SAP HANA can bring, coupled data lake and indefinite storage that Hadoop can offer to lever vast amounts of structured & unstructured data and drive meaningful decisions in real time. Timo touches on this mentioning how SAP offer Smart Data Access to connect seamlessly between Hadoop/Spark and new in-memory analytics systems. Someone recently sent me a link a blog by Matthias Molher entitled “Big Data and SAP? Yes HANA and Hadoop” It is in German, but Google Translate is my friend so you can read an English version here if need be. The blog discusses how SAP products and Hadoop can work with mass data such as that in Twitter or the detailed information sensors produce. He lays out a good architecture as well that I have copied here.

aafor blog 1

Matthias then goes on to talk about using Lumira to produce a unified visualization of data that is stored in both SAP HANA and Hadoop using SAP HANA’s smart data access capabilities.

aafor blog 2

SAP HANA and Hadoop can simplify infrastructure reduce costs, increase responsiveness, provide self-serve analytics & in the moment insights with indefinite storage of all data to the most detailed level. Together they can provide a significant simplification of your IT infrastructure that will reduce costs, increase responsiveness, and provide indefinite historical storage of your business’s most important information at the most detailed level. SAP can help you on your Big Data journey and generating the game changing insights you need.


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