‘HANA4IoT UNPLUGGED’ Event – April 9th, 2015 Palo Alto/San Jose

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Date: April 9th
Venue: SAP Building 1, COIL, 3410 Hill View Ave, Palo Alto, CA. USA
Event Starts: 1PM
Event Ends: 5PM
Happy Hour: 5-6 PM

On Nov 11th, 2014 we had an extremely successful SAP HANA Group event at SAP Palo Alto called ‘HANA4IoT’ with over 230 attendees globally. You may access the HANA4IoT event recordings here. Here is our attendee feedback from Nov 11th:

  • The top two scoring sessions were dominated by HANA Demos, even though one of them was a 10 minute presentation by Doug Wilson on DISE on HANA
  • Attendees loved the two demos and requested that we increase the ‘flesh and blood’ in our events, i.e. Demo’s and actual Business Cases, examples, and keep concepts to a minimum

Due to the last event feedback, our April 9th, 2015 event will be ‘HANA4IoT UNPLUGGED’.

This event is all about HANA Demo’s and more HANA Demos along with how to build your IoT roadmap – the flesh and blood of the new disruptive technology. Read what Michael E. Porter published in HBR about the disruptive power of IoE in ‘How Smart Connected Products are Transforming Competition’. > If the article by Michael Porter was interesting then have a look at this too so you may visualize your industry or product in this new World of IoT.  We want to give our member partners an opportunity to present actual demos.

Our sponsor once again is Cisco – the global leader in IoT communication and network devices. Cisco connects the unconnected with open standard, integrated architecture from the cloud to end devices – with exceptional reliability and security. Cisco is a SAP certified HANA Hardware partner and a global leader in TDI HANA platforms. Cisco is also a SAP HANA customer; they use SAP HANA to get dynamic insights for their sales executives from non-SAP Source systems.

You need to do two things immediately!

FIRST: If you have an IoT, or IoE, solution that you can present in the event then contact the event organizer for a chance to be shortlisted to present at the event. We want to give our members a first chance to share their success stories and business benefits with the group. Contact Hari or Scott.

SECOND: Your need to be a member in the SAP HANA Group for this event. This is SAP’s official SAP HANA Social Networking group. If not please register:     URL: http://spr.ly/LinkedInSAPHANA 

THIRD: REGISTER early for two reasons. Firstly, COIL has been remodeled and thus we have very limited seats so it will be first-come, first-approved.  One rule we are changing this time forward is we will need your work emails during registration. Confirmation for Physical attendance will be sent prior to the event. Secondly, the Webex link will only be sent to “Registered” attendees. So whether you are attending physically or participating remotely, you can only attend by registering.

URL for event registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lWz1eOWELpNbtCxbQKJduY1h5I4d09yTutb1H2988YU/viewform?usp=send_form

KEEP TUNED FOR MORE DEVELOPMENTS and plan to attend live at the event or remotely from wherever you are.  Details will be communicated only to registered attendees with company emails for the event confirmations and attendee updates. HANA is all about co-innovation and our event again will be in the SAP COIL – Co-Innovation Lab . COIL has been remodeled so while the experience is going to be better, unfortunately the physical space has shrunk. We have place only for 40 or so attendees.

FINALLY: Attend the event, physically at Palo Alto, California, or remotely from anywhere on the globe via the online WebEx session. Instructions (URL) for joining online will be sent to registered members only.

Here is our Agenda: (Last Demo being finalized)



From To Description By
1:15pm 1:15pm Welcome Kathy/Scott/Hari
1:15pm 1:45pm Key Note Michael Lynch
1:45pm 2:15pm Co-Innovate your IoT Business Case Hari Guleria
2:15pm 2:45pm DEMO 1 Mining Industry Brian Vaughan
2:45pm 3:15pm DEMO 3- HANA DISE- Sales Forecast Accuracy Doug Wilson
3:15pm 3:30pm COFFEE BREAK
3:30pm 4:00pm DEMO 2 Telecom Industry Ravi Pusuluri/ Arda Turhan
4:00pm 4:30pm DEMO 4- Oil & Gas Industry Alex Bates
4:30pm 5:00pm DEMO 5- Retail Industry- Smart Vending Nikhil Monghia
5:00pm 5:15pm WRAP-UP & Prizes Scott / Hari
5:15pm 6:00pm HAPPY HOUR – Networking Time
  6:00pm WRAP-UP  


Any questions, contact: hari.guleria@pridevel.com or scott.feldman@sap.com

Twitter: @hariguleria;  or  @sfeldman0

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