Heidelberg University Hospital Personalizes Pregnancy Care with SAP HANA

Pregnant woman sitting on sofa and using digital tabletThrough mobile innovations and sensor technologies, today’s doctors can report on key health indicators to prevent illnesses altogether or detect it early, saving lives and thousands in reactive care costs. Heidelberg University Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in all of Europe, in partnership with SAP and abcmedien, developed an app that better links mothers and physicians, making it easier to communicate, exchange information, and prevent pregnancy related issues.

The app asks pregnant mothers subtle, psychological questions to provide doctors with the information needed to proactively identify mothers at risk for issues like antepartum depression.  The app runs real-time data processing via the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and was built on the SAP Mobile Platform.

In the future, Heidelberg University Hospital hopes to expand the app to help treat and monitor cancer patients as well as other diseases.

Read the full story here.

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