IoT Future – Machine Networks– Part 6

Posted by Prakash Darji on March 31, 2015

SVP & GM, Platform As A Service

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Ok, I’ve been pretty pragmatic in the last 5 blogs about IoT.

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Now, let me get a little futuristic. Imagine that multiple devices all communicate as part of a “Machine Network”. I know my mind goes to Terminator or I-Robot when I say this. However, with wearable technologies like FitBit and with Beacon technologies that communicate with phones today at the modern retailer, the machine network is evolving. IoT networks of devices that communicate with each other and participate as part of a machine ecosystem will blur the lines between industries. Some of these machines will communicate with wearables or implants in humans. This is a direction that, while immature today, is evolving. You can already see it in how phones communicate with each other with apps over Bluetooth.


It will be increasingly important in this future to ensure there is no compromise in security, personalization, and ability to work un-interrupted even with network interruption. SAP is designing our HANA Cloud Platform with this future in mind, so stay tuned. As always, interested in any feedback you may have.

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