ASR Group Sweetens its Business with SAP HANA

ASR Group

Dating back to 1850, ASR Group is the largest cane sugar refiner in the world.

ASR Group owns many well-known sugar brands including Domino®, C&H®, Florida Cystals®, Redpath®, Sidul® and Tate & Lyle®. Top company priorities include streamlining its sugar operations across the globe and managing its brand portfolio in the most efficient way possible.

In order to help fulfill those business needs, ASR Group partnered with SAP and is leveraging SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA hosted in the cloud to access all relevant business data any time, at any level of detail, in real-time. The ability to drill down to any type of data and visualize it in easily consumable formats has allowed ASR Group to transition from a transactional business to an analytical one. Now business needs can be identified and solved within an hour, and by maintaining consistency across all brands, ASR Group can attempt to predict future trends, react to business requirements, and support customer needs.

Through its SAP Cloud for Sales solution, ASR Group gains insight into industry trends and customer information in real time from any mobile device. Sales representatives now serve as trusted advisors to customer businesses and are able to predict future trends and solve business issues faster than ever before. Watch this video interview for more details.

With SuccessFactors solutions, ASR Group can further focus on developing its people. ASR Group’s goal has always been to produce and deliver quality sugar products to delight its customers, and now, with the right technology to optimize its global business, ASR Group has added further value to the services it provides.

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