Making IoT Simple

Posted by Prakash Darji on April 7, 2015

SVP & GM, Platform As A Service

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT) and thought it was time to share some thoughts.

I believe IoT can be transformational. We hear a ton of interesting things happening in the IoT space and like most industry trends we’re right in the middle of IoT being the new buzzword. It will take its place in the halls of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Web 2.0, Big Data, Cloud, and other cool trendy words and phrases. Like most industry trends; however, I find that people struggle with defining IoT and making it real.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch and participate in some very interesting collaborations with customers and decided to write this 6 part blog series on IoT:
Part 1 – A simple IoT Taxonomy
Part 2 – A perspective on IoT Connectivity
Part 3 – IoT and the Relevance of Cloud
Part 4 – IoT Industry Connectivity
Part 5 – IoT Apps – Bringing it all together
Part 6 – IoT Future – Machine Networks

Let me know if you find this useful. I’m also interested in any feedback you have on this evolving space. My spidey sense tells me it’s going to be hard to differentiate between IoT and non-IoT and in the future, will just be part of everything we do. It will be like air. We breathe it every day and we won’t be able to live without it. However, in the interim, we struggle with the taxonomy, classification, and, in reality, there will be characteristics of IoT in everything we do as the modern business process will be connecting humans and machines—this is the nature of the world we live in.

Hopefully not crazy Isaac Asimov “I-Robot” style, but generally and in a more productive way.

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