EarlySense & SAP HANA Cloud Platform Can Improve Your Sleep

Today the Internet of Things is revamping technology. People are taking ownership of their well-being, and preventative care is at the forefront of focus for both physicians and patients.

According to research conducted  by Harvard University, proper sleep patterns bolster healthy side effects and conversely, poor sleep habits negatively affect health.

Through the Internet of Things, researchers can now explore sleep patterns without the usual sleep labs and movement-restricting electrode wires. EarlySense, a startup credited with the creation of continuous patient monitoring solutions, created a wellness sensor to track individuals while they sleep.

The device, connected via the Internet of Things, mobile solutions, and supported by SAP HANA Cloud Platform, monitors all human vital signs while a person sleeps. It is completely wireless and lies subtly underneath one’s mattress.

The result is faster diagnoses with better treatments and outcomes. Sleep issues can be identified and fixed, and individuals can use the data collected from the sensor to make healthy adjustments to their lifestyles, and physicians can use the data collected from the sensor to identify patient health problems early-on.

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