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Kathrin Henkel

Posted by Kathrin Henkel on April 29, 2015

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More than 100 participants from over 50 companies from all over Europe working with SAP HANA operation related topics joined the SAP HANA Operation Expert Summit on April 20-21 2015 in Walldorf, Germany!

Get all presentations shared during the two days at the SAP HANA Operation Expert Summit.

In addition we updated the Frequently Asked Questions – Document on SAP HANA Operations based on the attendees questions and feedback during the event.

It was in the late afternoon of a warm spring Monday in Walldorf where the first participants who have arrived are having drinks and snacks in the foyer of the event room in building 21.

They are waiting for the second SAP HANA Operation Expert Summit to be kicked-off by Joerg Latza Head of SAP HANA Platform Product Management.

The event room is dark and filled with silence as the newest SAP HANA trailer brings the audience’s full attention to the screen. After Joerg heartily welcomed the attendees the event started with three customer experience presentations from Geberit, Ferrero and T-Systems followed by a panel discussion to answer questions from the audience.

This kind of SAP HANA Operation experience sharing was really appreciated by the participants.

The next two presentations of this early evening were given by Rudi Hois (Vice President for SAP S/4HANA) talking about how the evolution continues with SAP S4/HANA and by Alan Priestley (Director of Strategic Marketing EMEA from Intel) on an overview of the Intel roadmap.

After this intense almost two-hour session all attendees were invited to join and meet the SAP Experts of the SAP HANA Development and Product Management organization at a networking dinner.

Tuesday started early in the morning and was completely reserved for deep dive knowledge exchange during networking and group discussion.

With a mixture of 20min teaser presentation slots and 60min breakout sessions the audience got the newest insights on the topics Cloud, Landscape and Deployment Options, Sizing, Mission-Critical Data Center Operations, Multitenancy, Managing Large Volumes of Data, Lifecycle Management, Monitoring and Administration and Troubleshooting.

Separated into smaller breakout groups the customer and partners had time to provide feedback about what’s good, what needs to be improved, discuss planned features, raise questions, and exchange own experiences.

In the early evening with still lovely sunny spring weather outdoors, the event closed with a gathering of all participants and SAP Experts having some soft drinks, beer and snacks.

I know I already wrote this last year but I can only repeat myself for the SAP HANA Operation Expert Summit 2015:

The IT experts attending this summit really impressed us at SAP!

Thanks a lot for participating, for sharing your insights and experiences and making this happen!

And if you are interested in upcoming SAP Operation Expert Summits in 2015, my counterparts around the globe are currently planning and preparing for the following events in:

  • Melbourne, Australia at June 10, 2015
  • Bangalore, India at June 16, 2015
  • Additionally two events in Newtown Square and Palo Alto, USA in May/ June timeframe. These events are combined with a new format called the SAP HANA Developers Expert Summit, which will take place on the second day.

And if you are interested in upcoming SAP Operation Expert Summits in 2015, my counterparts around the globe are currently planning and preparing for the following events in:

Stay tuned!


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