Roche Diagnostics & SAP HANA Cloud Platform Team to Fight Diabetes

Roche 1In 2014, diabetes took 4.9 million lives worldwide.  That’s one death every seven seconds.  52 million Europeans are living with diabetes, and in Germany alone, there are 6 to 8 million documented cases.  That number is projected to grow.

German-based Roche Diagnostics is dedicated to driving personalized and preventative medicine, and with the severity of diabetes on the forefront of focus, Roche, in partnership with SAP, created new preventative care package.  The bundle, called Accu-Check View, includes a blood glucose monitor, a wearable fitness tracker, and an app developed by SAP that are all integrated together.

With Accu-CheckView, the patient can monitor glucose levels at home and transmit the information to the doctor’s office via the app. All data transferred is securely stored and processed via the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.  The app allows the doctor to monitor the patient remotely and allows the patient to communicate with the doctor’s office. This eliminates unnecessary trips to thephysician, saving time and money.  This strengthened patient-doctor relationship facilitates a supportive and empowering psychological effect on patients. Slip-ups in lifestyle can be caught quickly because the app will red-flag the issue, the doctor can intervene, and the doctor and patient can work on solutions together.

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