The State of Indiana Runs Gov’t Like a Business with SAP HANA

Indiana_2Problem solvers by nature, if a Hoosier feels something needs to be fixed, they’ll work as hard as they can to do it.  And that’s exactly the mindset that Governor Mike Pence brought into office.

To solve the issues facing the State of Indiana, the government implemented SAP HANA and SAP Lumira to help the state run like a business.  For the first time, Indiana is using raw data to drill into key performance indicators to determine how well the State is serving its citizens.

When comparing a government to a business, the taxpayers are the shareholders.  They contribute their hard earned dollars into the system in hopes that their money is being well spent within society.  Now with new technology, instead of spreading tax dollars evenly across the board in hopes that the money will make a positive impact on current issues, the State of Indiana can target funding to different programs that, based on the data, need it most.

“The taxpayers work very hard for their money.  They want to make sure that they are getting value for the way the government spends it. We are trying to leverage the dollars that the taxpayers give us towards the most effective programs that give back the most value to the taxpayers whether that’s transportation, healthcare, education, and/or workforce,” –Chris Atkins, CFO, State of Indiana

Just like a private sector business must report results to shareholders, Indiana is reporting its performance to voters and tax payers. Hoosiers now have better insight into how the state government is performing.

With this new transparency, Indiana is gaining trust. And by tapping into taxpayers and voters for feedback on performance, the state has a broad range of input and can better determine new ways to run better.

Watch this short video explaining how the State of Indiana has simplified the way it runs its government:


The State of Indiana has been approached by other US State governments since its transformation to run like a business.  So now, instead of just helping Hoosiers lives, Indiana is serving as a thought leader for governments and helping lives across the US.  Indiana is a testament to the power having real-time information to drill into current issues and build factual solutions as opposed to making assumptions.

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