SAP Agile Data Preparation Lets You Prepare Your Own Data for Analytics and Planning Applications

Swapan Saha

Posted by Swapan Saha on May 12, 2015

Senior Director, Big Data Product Management

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The rich SAP HANA EIM capability shines through SAP Agile Data Preparation, which lets you discover, prepare, and share data how and when you need it – and without depending on IT. A simple user interface, much like a spreadsheet, exposes the powerful SAP HANA EIM capability (SAP HANA smart data integration and SAP HANA smart data quality) using SAPUI5 so you can easily and quickly prepare data sets with a visual, interactive interface that helps eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional approaches.


SAP Agile Data Preparation is built on SAP HANA EIM and offers:


  • Simplified data access, through replication and transformation, all within a common in-memory framework
  • Openness, by supporting any data – any shape, style and size–with an SDK for new data sources
  • Acceleration, through processes performed in-memory, thereby increasing performance and lowering latency

What kind of input data sources does first version of SAP Agile Data Preparation support?

SAP Agile Data Preparation simplifies the consumption of the SAP HANA EIM capability. Our first released version of SAP Agile Data Preparation supports input data sources such as excel and csv uploaded via a web browser and direct connectivity to 3rd party RDMBS (Oracle, MS SQL Server and IBM DB2), SAP BW or local HANA tables and views. Enterprise semantic search (ESS) helps to discover data in SAP Agile Data Preparation.

What type of data operations does it support?

Once you bring your data into a project, SAP Agile Data Preparation offers a powerful spreadsheet to manipulate data instantly and supports operations from simple string manipulation to advanced HANA functions using the Formula Editor.  Automatic profiling of acquired data also identifies the content type of data within columns, especially if the column name is not intuitive.  The identified content type drives subsequent preparation in cleansing, matching duplicate records, and removing duplicate data to have the highest quality for any analysis. You will find that the interfaces for cleansing, matching, and removing duplicate records are very easy to use.

SAP Agile Data Preparation simplifies in combining multiple datasets with advanced relational database join operations, but execution of the sophisticated join operations are guided via a simple UI and illustrations for business users.

What can you do with your prepared data?

After you prepare your data, you have a variety of options to consume the data by downloading it as an Excel or csv file, persisting it to a local HANA table or a Calculation View, sharing the project with a team member, or even downloading the activities for IT to operationalize the process so you can further increase the quality of the data and increase data confidence.

As SAP HANA EIM adds new functionality, SAP Agile Data Preparation is committed to surface this new functionality with a simple UI and offer you powerful data preparation capabilities without depending on IT to accelerate your activities.

Because SAP Agile Data Preparation is very easy to use, minimal documentation is provided.  The Help Center for SAP Agile Data Preparation on provides details for content types and search syntax to find data sources based on content.

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