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SAP HANA SPS 10 continues the transformative SAP HANA in-memory platform. Adding to enhancements from SAP HANA SPS 09, we have focused innovation on the areas of running mission-critical applications with confidence, connecting with the Internet of Things (IoT) at enterprise scale and security, and seamlessly processing big data at speed to enable our customers to innovate next-generation applications.

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Note on release to customers: SAP HANA was released on June 24th 2015.

Application & Industry Platform:
SAP HANA SPS 10 introduces several key high availability and disaster recovery enhancements, such as 1-to-n asynchronous table replication, streamlined log based replication, enhanced auto-host failover for dynamic tiering, and new incremental and differential backup features. These capabilities further reduce replication and restart times and establish SAP HANA as a rock-solid platform for running mission-critical applications that require business continuity. Additionally, in the area of workload management we are adding new workload classes to further refine resource allocation for users and/or applications for optimal workload prioritization and resource utilization.

NUMA awareness capabilities within SAP HANA can also be extended with architecture to improve in-memory processing of very large memory and very large numbers of CPU cores with a single node. The foundation is being laid to enable a benefit from 12TB+ with greater than 300+ CPU cores scale up configurations and process even larger data volumes in scale-up configurations and within very large nodes in scale-out configurations.

As you would already know, SAP HANA includes comprehensive administration capabilities through the SAP HANA Studio administration perspective, the web-based SAP HANA Cockpit and the SAP DB Control Center. With SAP HANA SPS 10, administration has been significantly simplified so that DBAs can perform installations, upgrades, backups, system replication, role assignments and certificate management from anywhere. In addition, SAP HANA Cockpit/SAP DB Control Center have been further extended to clarify the administration of multitenant database containers, dynamic tiering, smart data streaming and remote data sync. With these enhancements we are further reducing the administration effort to manage complex landscapes and the use of many configurations within a single SAP HANA Landscape.

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SAP HANA SPS 10 also introduces a large number of new data processing capabilities that support advanced and diverse data processing. For spatial processing, it adds support for spatial multi-dimensional data types, enabling you to add complex data processing and engaging visualizations to business applications; for example, being able to process and view the height, width, and length of a pipeline within an asset management application. It also provides extensions to XS’s core data services (CDS) to streamline application development with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliance spatial features for autonomous applications and to ensure interoperability with other SAP and 3rd party geo-spatial products.

In addition, SAP HANA SPS 10 delivers efficient time dependent hierarchy processing to build more complex hierarchy data based applications such as human resources application with organization charts and material management with BOMs where information is very time dependent and driven. Also new are 7 new PAL algorithms that will be added to the 60+ algorithms already delivered with SAP HANA SPS 09.

Finally, SAP HANA application developers will benefit from a number of powerful new capabilities; such as GitHub integration, new calculation viewer editor features, Application Function Modeler, modeling capabilities and SQLScript debugging feature, in the SAP HANA web-based development workbench. ​

Big Data & Internet of Things:
The new SAP HANA remote data sync capability released as part of SAP HANA SPS 10 supports synchronizing data between SAP HANA in the enterprise with thousands of databases at the edge of the network so that you can proactively take action based on the latest information and close the notoriously challenging last mile issues. This enables you to send enterprise data out to remote devices to help field devices and workers be more productive. In addition, you can collect IoT data from remote devices, which can then be analyzed with business data in SAP HANA to support applications like predictive maintenance. With the offline operation mode, not only will mobile users be more productive, but also remote business operations like oilrigs, trains and ships that can continuously operate in spite of sporadic network connections. If you operate one of the 12M+ existing SQL Anywhere (including UltraLite) installations, you can easily synchronize your remote databases with SAP HANA using SAP HANA remote data sync.

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SAP HANA SPS 10 also brings a wealth of new capabilities for data streaming. First, extending the SAP HANA SPS 09 features for streaming, new features for SAP HANA smart data streaming will allow you to support high event volumes and interact with thousands of IoT devices over HTTP/REST and WebSocket protocols. Second, a new lightweight streaming processor, “Streaming Lite”, which can be deployed on remote devices and IoT gateways can preprocess events and generate local alerts based on business rules, before sending events to SAP HANA using the smart data streaming component.

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Significant enhancements have been made to Series Data capabilities to provide more abilities to store data with higher efficiency to help customer manage very high volume sensor throughput. On the Series Data processing enhancements have been made in supporting more complex processing needs such as combining ordered and less ordered jittered sequences of data points and measurements and processing data with different time calendars and time zones. This is the foundational technology for IoT. With SAP HANA SPS 10, series data processing is further enhanced with improved compression, new processing functions and core data services (CDS) support for better resource utilization, improved forecasting and faster application development.

On the Big Data integration front, we have expanded SAP HANA smart data integration capabilities in SAP HANA SPS 10. For example, we added new adapters and bi-directional data replication to connect with external data sources. To better utilize Hadoop integration, SAP HANA SPS 10 works with the latest Hadoop distributions and delivers faster optimized data transfers to and from Spark SQL. Administrators can now manage HANA and Hadoop clusters using a single UI through the SAP HANA cockpit and Apache Ambari integration. In addition, new rule-based data movement between HANA and Hadoop enable you to harness the power of Big Data with confidence. Finally, SAP HANA smart data quality capabilities will be used to cleanse data and merge duplicates allowing for greater confidence and compliance in all of your enterprise data.

Cloud Enablement:
In SAP HANA SPS 10, the multitenant database containers feature adds support for dynamic tiering and smart data streaming by tenant. Additional enhancements include enhanced features for cross tenant data sharing, tenant isolation down to the OS level, administration through the web-based SAP HANA cockpit / SAP DB Control Center. These new enhancements allow you to run next generation applications that process large data volumes and stream data on independent database tenants more securely and with a simplified administration.

SAP HANA is a standards-based open platform and with SPS 10, it expands the scope of supported hardware and software solutions. On the hardware front, now supported is IBM POWER8 systems on SUSE Linux for SAP BW on HANA, and Intel Haswell processors with TSX which significantly improvements transactional processing by up to 6x. For data center and cloud virtualization, support for VMware vSphere 5.5 in scale-out deployments (in controlled availability), as well as IBM and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Logical Partitioning (LPAR) are added.

The SAP HANA certification program has also been expanded. We added a new certification program to allow you to safely run your own algorithms inside the database using AFL framework. In addition, we have also significantly grown the list of HANA-certified hosting providers, resellers, third-party applications and third party tools, such as BI SQL/MDX clients, ETL tools, backup and monitoring tools, synchronous storage-based mirroring solutions. The complete list of certified software providers here and hardware providers here.


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Date Time (PST) Topic Presenter Recordings/ Presentations Duration
June 24th 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM SPS10 Overview Lori Vanourek, Anthony Waite, Mike Eacrett, Joerg Latza 60min
June 24th 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Administration and Security Andrea Kristen, Melanie Handreck, José Ramos 60min
June 25th 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Hardware Zora Caklovic, Addi Brosig, Frank Bannert 60min
June 25th 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Multi-tenancy, Virtualization, Cloud Ron Silberstein, Arne Arnold, Jan Teichmann 60min
June 26th 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM What’s New with MDC Joerg Hoffmeister, Ron Silberstein 30min
June 29th 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Series Data Raj Rathee 60min
June 29th 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Advanced Processing (AFM, PAL, Spatial, Text) Balaji Krishna, Mark Hourani, Anthony Waite 60min
June 30th 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Workload Management and Load Balancing Ruediger Karl 60min
June 30th 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Development Tools and Languages Ruediger Karl, Rich Heilman, Thomas Jung 60min
July 1st 7:00 AM – 7:30 AM Hadoop Integration Balaji Krishna 30min
July 1st 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM Dynamic Tiering Courtney Claussen, Robert Waywell, Richard Bremer 30min
July 2nd 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Modeling Christoph Morgen 60min
July 2nd 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM RDSync Tom Slee 60min



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