Simple Start to SAPinsider HANA 2015 in Nice, France

Kathy Tan

Posted by Kathy Tan on June 16, 2015

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The sunny blue skies above the Acropolis center of Nice, France was a welcoming start to SAPinsider Nice HANA 2015. (The SAPinsider event also consisted of Financials 2015, BI 2015 and HR 2015, but this blog will mainly cover HANA.) Opening the conference, Steve Lucas took the stage to address the questions many might be pondering: What is Run Simple? What does it mean? How can it help businesses? Steve explained the idea behind Run Simple and how SAP HANA answers all your questions with one copy of data instead of needing to make copies of it and running it on different systems. He gave a great example by explaining to us how retailers would purchase database, data warehousing, forecasting/predictive and data management separately versus doing do all of that on SAP HANA platform.

steve lucas boardroom

car demo

Steve also shared some insightful demos including the Boardroom of the Future where you can easily gain context and insights on how to run your business, and the “real car” demo with sensors that send data to the cloud in real time. The car demo was my favorite because we were able to see the analytics on the toy car live as it moved across the stage along with real time brake analysis and recommendations. Truly an amazing demo that allowed us to see what can be done in the IoT and with SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The key takeaway from the keynote is SAP can help you run your business in the cloud, with all data accessible through your phone, thus, allowing you to run simple.

sap booth

After the keynote, the exhibit hall opened and the educational sessions began. There are hundreds of sessions across the three days of the conference so you can imagine how busy the first day was. Here are highlights of some sessions:

nct zurich

Building a business case for SAP HANA: How do I get started?
This session walked through some steps on uncovering the business value behind SAP HANA, highlighted customer stories like NCT and Zurich Insurance Company, and showcased the Suite on HANA framework. The customer stories were a great way to hear how SAP HANA has helped customers transform their business and Run Simple.


s4hana s4hana2

SAP S/4HANA, The Next Generation Business Suite
This session was packed and was perfect for anyone interested in learning about SAP S/4HANA. From a quick introduction to showing SAP’s road to S/4HANA to stating the facts, Si-Mohamed Said did a great job shedding more light on the new business suite, S/4HANA.

Overall, the first day of the conference was off to a great start. I am looking forward to the SAP HANA Cloud Forum tomorrow and more educational sessions for the remainder of the show. I hope you’re also looking forward to it too!

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