What happened at SAP HANA Cloud Forum at SAPinsider HANA 2015?

Kathy Tan

Posted by Kathy Tan on June 17, 2015

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It was a busy start to the second day of SAPinsider HANA 2015 in Nice! Particularly unique about today is that we held the SAP HANA Cloud Forum at SAPinsider. In case you haven’t heard, the SAP HANA Cloud Forum is a traveling forum that brings education and training to multiple cities and 2 continents (and will probably be growing).


Today’s forum opened with introductory cloud presentation in the morning followed by hands on training sessions in the afternoon. The introductory presentation covered all aspects of the cloud: where the cloud market is today, where the cloud value lies, the significance of the cloud strategy, and an overview of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The key message I took away from the presentation was that the “Cloud is a style.. not a product” and “Cloud is already a fact of life for many organizations (whether central IT wants it or not).” Another key takeaway is the information that was provided about the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and what it can do for your business. It was also good to hear that hcp.sap.com has use cases available, along with free trials and resources.


Given the interest of the SAP HANA Cloud Forum, I decided to attend a technical session in the afternoon. It was great to get hands-on experience and even if you don’t have a technical background (like myself), you can see an example of SAP HANA Cloud Platform and get a chance to try it yourself with step-by-step expert guides.

While the SAP HANA Cloud Forum was taking place, the rest of the conference continued on with educational tracks and show floor activity. A highlight of a session is Deloitte Piyush Mistry’s A fresh take on in-memory: how and why SAP HANA is transforming the way we build information systems. The session provided great details about trends that are driving increased demand for analytics, like the hunger for real-time data. Piyush also went over some great examples of SAP HANA use cases.

Although many sessions have already been completed, there are still a handful more to go tomorrow. If you’re active on social media, please follow the HANA channels for live updates:

If you missed day 1, you can also check out a recap by clicking here.

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