Molecular Health.PNGAt SAPPHIRE NOW 2015, I had the pleasure of talking with Mark Rodgers, North American Director of Corporate Communications and Public Relations, and Alexander Picker, EVP Product Management, both from Molecular Health. Speaking to them only strengthened my passion for healthcare and my belief that advanced technology can fix a struggling industry.


In 2014, Molecular Health invented its end-to-end offering TreatmentMAP TM, which runs on the SAP HANA platform. It translates the language of genes into actionable information that doctors and patients can use to make informed decisions about cancer care. Now information on a person’s complete genomic sequence can be read relatively cost-effectively and in just a few days.


As Rodgers and Picker explained, the same cancer treatment that saves one person may be toxic to the health of another. Each case of cancer is unique, and it’s very difficult to determine what treatments will have negative side effects on patients and what will work well. There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment.

With precision medicine, or the practice of analyzing existing treatments to see which is best equipped to tackle a particular case of cancer, Molecular Health is on the forefront of a paradigm shift that can radically improve the prevention and treatment of cancer.

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