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I’m talking about the 2015 Constellation SuperNova Awards, of course!  Voting lasts two weeks beginning on Monday September 21, 2015 and ending on Friday October 2, 2015.

What are the 2015 SuperNova Awards?

Disruptive technology keeps the world constantly improving, and only the companies that take the risk to innovate will excel. To fully and successfully adopt disruptive technology, leaders must overcome many challenges.  Resistance from those who fear change, myopia, and financial constraints can all impede a leader’s ability to take the leap.

The 2015 SuperNova Awards celebrate the organizational leaders who have beaten the odds to successfully apply disruptive technologies to their organizations.

The five finalists are strong leaders who have helped their organizations (and society as a whole) realize that when new and emerging technologies succeed, wonderful things can happen.

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Your vote matters.

The panelist of judges is comprised of influential thought leaders and journalists who think futuristically and understand digital business.

Winners will be determined by a combination of public votes and judges’ votes. The judges’ votes will be weighted at 70% of the total.

You, the voter, control 30% of the finalists’ fate.  Click here and vote now.

Winners will be announced on November 4, 2015 at the SuperNova Awards Gala Dinner.

Meet the finalists:

The finalists are recognized as individuals who demonstrate the most forethought, creativity, and measured-audacity in successfully implementing emerging technologies for their organizations.

For full finalist details, click on their logo.


Mercy Health, Jamie Oswald, Associate Principal Data Analyst:

SNA_Mercy.pngThe State of Indiana, Joshua Marshall, Deputy CIO, MPH, State of Indiana:SNA_Indiana.pngMUDO, Rasim Manavoglu, CIO, MUDO:




ConAgra Foods, David Tomlinson, Senior IT Director, ConAgra Foods:

SNA_ConAgra.jpgNational Basketball Association (NBA) , Bill Zhang, Senior Director, Product Strategy GTM, Platform Solutions Group, SAP, SAP and the NBA:

SNA_NBA.jpgFor more information on the 2015 SuperNova Awards, click here.

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