Extending On Premise and Cloud Applications with HCP

Jeremy Lovett

Posted by Jeremy Lovett on October 19, 2015

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I like to use the term ‘the new possible’ when describing the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). The new possible is how customers and partners are modernizing, accelerating and innovating in a very fast and simple way. The new possible is the reason why Platform-as-a-service (Paas) offerings are growing so quickly. SAP’s Paas offering, the HANA Cloud Platform, is the default standard for rapid innovation development that helps companies re-imagine how their businesses are run.

As a full-featured, open standards-based cloud platform, HCP is designed for today’s increasingly networked and mobile world. Developers can quickly build impactful, highly scalable applications. And, just as importantly, can rapidly extend any applications currently in use. HCP’s ability to extend applications is the focus for this post.

On premise, legacy applications are crucial to many organization’s day-to-day operations, as are the multiple cloud based applications used within different lines of business. By embracing the idea of running simple, organizations are allowing cloud and on premise applications to remain standard. The innovation and personalization of these existing applications are shifting to the HANA Cloud Platform.

Extending On Premise Applications
Say your organization is one of the 50,000 customers using SAP ERP and Business Suite applications. The business is likely focused on streamlining processes across procurement, manufacturing, and maybe service, sales, finance, or HR. Using the HANA Cloud Platform, the multitude of requests to build portals, mobilize applications, add social collaboration, integrate data and applications, etc., all become quickly and easily achievable.

Let’s look at more specific examples. Organizations may want create secure, scalable and mobile-ready business sites to access or integrate SAP and non-SAP on premise systems for better collaboration and efficiency. Organizations may want extensions to existing business processes to help connect and share with employees, suppliers, distributors and customers. Or perhaps a new regulatory requirement pops up that requires new capabilities to be added to an on premise mission critical system. HANA Cloud Platform is the answer.

Application extensions built using HCP are created just once and can be deployed anywhere: desktop, mobile, tablet, or web. And, since HCP is based on open standards, customers can leverage the development skills within their current SAP or general IT teams. Developers who know the world of Java, HTML, and other open source languages, can focus on front end innovation and extension of applications to drive value for their organization.

Danone, a global food company, has been a long time traditional on premise SAP CRM customer. Using HCP, Danone created and deployed a portal to their internal and third party call centers. The portal disguised the complex on premise CRM screen and was so intuitive and simple, call agents required no training, and the order taking process was faster and much easier to manage. Hear directly from the Danone CIO.

Extending Cloud Applications
When it comes to extending and personalizing cloud applications, organizations have a great deal of flexibility using HANA Cloud Platform, and almost anything is possible. HCP, through its open standards design, can extend any cloud application available on the market. Companies look to extend their existing cloud solutions for a number of reasons. Many want to quickly deliver a certain application to all roles with the organization. Or they may be looking to add new tailored functionality while providing one integrated end-user experience. Organizations may also need to build business processes as extensions to existing line of business applications.

Let’s take a closer look at that last example using SAP’s HR cloud application, SuccessFactors. Organizations look to their HR systems for talent pooling, development, performance management, and compliance requirement tracking. HR environments are dynamic by nature and different companies have very specific needs. For customers that need an employee reward program for instance, a partner-created application is available and can be personalized according to the customers’ needs. With seamless integration to the SuccessFactors environment, users aren’t even aware it’s an application extension. Accessing ready-made cloud apps that can be quickly extended and personalized within HCP provides customers with a quick and effective return on investment.

The Power of Prototyping
Using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform as a prototyping engine is one of the more powerful aspects of the development platform. Line of business users can simply articulate the additional requirements or capabilities needed from their current on premise or cloud applications and IT builds out a sample solution for review. There’s no elongated user acceptance testing cycle to deal with. IT builds the prototype, reviews the prototype with the business user, makes adjustments, and, with the push of a button, the application is in production. What used to take months or years is now accomplished in a matter of weeks or days with HCP.

The HANA Cloud Platform delivers a true innovation engine that represents the new possible for SAP customers.

Take a Closer Look
SAP HANA Cloud Platform is setting the industry-standard for developing, consuming and deploying applications.
I encourage any developer reading this post to download a free trial license of HCP and create a prototype application. Business users should scan through the HCP app center to get a feel for what’s possible and available. There are also some great ‘how to’ videos available for viewing.

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Get ready for the next post in this in-depth HANA Cloud Platform series that will focus on building rich, lightweight, mobile-ready applications.

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