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Balaji Krishna

Posted by Balaji Krishna on October 21, 2015

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SAP has been developing Data Management solutions over the past decades and now with the release of SAP HANA Vora we are introducing a new solution that enables customers to enrich their Big Data stored in Hadoop/Spark environments.

SAP HANA Vora is an in-memory query engine running in the Hadoop landscape and enables building Enterprise Analytics features to raw data stored in HDFS. With version 1 we deliver features like hierarchies that can be created on HDFS data (csv, parquet, orc) and then visualize it with your favorite BI tool like Lumira.

Vora also extends the integration of HANA with Hadoop/Spark using Apache Spark Data Source API framework using which customers can consume corporate data like HANA Virtual Data Models thru Spark without having to physically move data out of HANA. This is beneficial especially for Data Scientists who are working in their ipython notebooks or other similar environments and want to combine their Hadoop/Spark data with SAP HANA.

SAP Spark controller delivered with HANA SPS10 has also been enhanced with the new 1.5 version to extend connectivity with Vora. So customers can decide to use either Spark or Vora to connect their HANA data sets and enjoy the additional functionality Vora provides

In order to enable Developers to test drive Vora we are providing access to a cloud based Developer edition running on Amazon AWS which provides a simple way of provisioning your own Vora cluster running on top of Hortonworks HDP2.3 and Apache Spark1.4.1. Make sure you have an AWS account before signing up for the SAP HANA Vora Developer edition.


Please enter your information thru this link if you are interested in test driving the Cloud based HANA Vora Developer Edition and we will connect with you to provide the next steps.

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