SAP HANA Cloud Platform: A Vibrant Partner Ecosystem

Marc Geall

Posted by Marc Geall on November 12, 2015

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SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is the foundation for faster innovation for customers, partners and SAP as we all manage disruption and adapt our business models to take advantage of today’s digitized world. As the technology that underpins SAP’s present and future platform, application and network strategy, SAP HANA Cloud platform is here to stay. And while HCP’s value as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for cloud application development and enablement is irrefutable, I believe that the underlying value of any technology platform is in the strength and breadth of its ecosystem.

SAP enjoys a vibrant network of over 1600 platform partners with almost 300 now leveraging the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to build new and innovative applications, which augment the growing portfolio of SAP solutions. Marrying a partner’s specific capabilities, business insights and experience with HCP as an agile development platform gives customers more choice, rapid innovation and an application landscape that reflects their business needs today and in the future.

This last point I think is critical to SAP’s evolution as an application company: today an organization’s need for new or changing business processes is constant because of the continuous cycle of business disruption and innovation. Landscapes used to be scoped, developed, built, tested and implemented over the course of years. The resulting deployment reflected the customers’ business at the start of the project, often 5 or more years in the past, not where they needed to be today. Now with SAP HANA Cloud Platform, partners and customers can benefit from an agile and dynamic application environment—using a consistent framework—to quickly innovate, differentiate, and run an organization’s digital core and agility layer in tandem, whilst being future proofed.

A Strong Ecosystem Gives Customers Options
Let’s get back to some basics around SAP HANA Cloud Platform. While providing the tools and services needed to extend and build cloud and on-premises business applications, HCP is essentially an empty, albeit powerful, receptacle until business content is created. Applications and extensions can be built using HCP in one of five ways:

1. SAP provides off the shelf applications for our renovated apps portfolio
2. Customers build content and applications themselves using internal resources
3. Traditional systems integrators work with customers to build custom-specific applications
4. Existing ISVs re-platform applications to run on HCP
5. Or, partners like ISVs/VARs/SIs build new applications as a product or solution available to many.

This is where the strength of SAP HANA Cloud platform ecosystem comes in. The diversity and expertise available to SAP customers wanting to leverage partner innovation on HCP are numerous and growing daily. Partners have successfully built out applications that are integrated with existing SAP solutions—the JobPts app created by Semos for SAP SuccessFactors is a great example. Partners such as Enterprise Jungle will quickly build apps in a matter of days to show potential customers how HCP can help meet their agile innovation needs. And other partners such as Sodales and Innovapptive are creating mobile use cases and scenarios that dramatically improve the user experience. The SAP HANA Cloud Platform ecosystem creates a powerful competitive advantage for SAP, customers and partners alike.

Access to Business Data
Cutting edge technology and rapid content development are not the only reasons the SAP HANA Cloud Platform ecosystem is growing. One of SAP’s core differentiators is access to business information—the primary currency of the digital age. SAP provides access to more business relevant data than any other platform in use today with 74% of all global transactions touching an SAP system. This coupled with our Business Network Group – a rich source of additional content – makes SAP HANA Cloud Platform the business platform for extensibility. [source: McKinsey/SAP analysis update 4/2013]

Customers and partners that want to extend and innovate their business therefore need to do so from a platform that gives access to the richest, the most relevant, and mission critical business data possible. And where do the world’s organizations house this information? In SAP mission critical systems. SAP HANA Cloud Platform enables organizations of all types to gather new insights out of data that were not previously possible.

Next Steps for Partners and Customers
SAP is committed to working with and enabling partners to help deliver products that customers need. We work with partners to identify a business case, and help architect and deliver applications with reliable go-to-market support. Please click here to learn more.

SAP customers are encouraged to explore the SAPApp Center – the one-stop shop for open, agile, pre-built apps developed and certified on HCP. Some of the apps have free trials that can be run right now to solve an organization’s immediate business needs.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the open standards-based underlying technology platform—key to SAP’s overall strategy—that makes rapid and innovative application development a reality. Our aim is to provide both partners and customers with the competitive advantage needed to drive success in the digital economy.

Wrap Up
This wraps up our in-depth blog post series on the HANA Cloud Platform. Thanks for tagging along and read through any posts you may have missed: Understanding HCP; How HCP Extends Applications; When a PaaS is Not a PaaS: Reflections on Oracle; Oracle’s Cloud Lock-in Strategy; and Building Applications Using HCP. I welcome any feedback or questions you may have – feel free to contact me through the comment section below or via email.

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